Unified Theory of Funny

Humour or comedy is the natural tendency of human encounters to elicit emotional amusement and give vent to feelings. Humour is defined by Webster as “trickery, ironic exaggeration, or wit in conversation”. Humour is a characteristic of the human condition and is often the deciding factor in how much we enjoy a situation. The word derives from the Greek humus, which means “mixture”, and the plenitude of bodily fluids, related to the blood, controlled human emotion and health. Today we use the word in a broader sense, including all human encounters and occurrences that entertain us. So, what is the basis of humour?


Advertisement relies on humour to sell products, persuade people to take part in an event or support a cause. It’s considered acceptable because it serves a very important role in our everyday lives and because many individuals respond positively to entertainment. Many would not object to advertising if it served a useful purpose. For example, people wouldn’t object to an advertisement for toothpaste or shampoo if they knew that the product was actually helpful, or if they actually used the product regularly.

If the joke is particularly funny, other people will be more receptive to it. But why is this so? It’s clear that humour plays a vital role in how people react to events and how their emotions are shaped. When you see a funny video on television, hear someone making fun of a political rival in a casual environment, or observe a man wearing a T-shirt that proclaims: “I’m Not Kidding”, you can deduce that the audience is enjoying the experience, and that some sort of reaction is caused by the entertainment value of the joke. This means that in order for any joke to be considered extremely funny, it has to have the capability to tickle the funny bone and have its target audience members experiencing an appropriate amount of enjoyment from it.

The ability to produce a reaction is easily influenced by the environment in which the joke is delivered. In order for a joke to be funny, it needs to be delivered in a tone that’s capable of eliciting a response, and in most cases, that means using human laughter. To test this out, try telling a joke to a group of friends and watch what happens. Those who hear the story and react to it laugh along with the person telling the tale, while those who don’t make any response still laugh.

One more funny tip involves understanding what makes people laugh. It turns out that what makes people laugh differs among cultures, so it can be hard to come up with universal jokes. You may want to try to observe your friends as they react to funny situations, so you’ll have a better idea of what makes them laugh. That’s a good place to start, since there’s no universal funny bone that all humans have to break in order to get a good laugh.

There are many more ways to approach humor but knowing the “unified theory” of humor might give you a good foundation for creating your own unique brand of funny. If you’re ever stuck trying to come up with a good joke, you can also use this theory to spark some ideas. Remember: the universal truths of humor are always useful, even if they’re just old wives’ tales. Sometimes, all it takes is an objective observation of how we respond to things, combined with some insightful research into the psyche.

Traveling Nurses – Importance of Health Awareness


Traveling Nurses – Importance of Health Awareness

Traveling is the relocation of individuals between various distant geographical locations. Travel can be achieved by car, bike, foot, plane, train, bus, boat or any other mode of transportation, with or without personal luggage, and is one way to get around or as a part of an activity. Travel is also an industry. With the growth in globalization and the liberalization of many countries’ laws, traveling abroad has become much easier.

International travel is now possible for almost any kind of purpose – business or pleasure. It has become much easier to go abroad and experience different cultures and weather climates. Many have expressed the desire to go to foreign countries to pursue political, business or tourist opportunities.

The international travel is becoming more common nowadays. Many people prefer international traveling to obtain knowledge and experience in another country. Many foreign students go abroad to study in different countries and acquire a foreign language skill for the future. Others may want to visit certain regions for exploring the natural resources, to seek employment or to make friends. Others still want to spend their honeymoon in another country. All these reasons contribute to the rise of the number of travelers.

There are several ways for travelers to protect themselves while traveling. Travelers are encouraged to get themselves fully vaccinated to ensure protection against diseases spread due to insect bites, needles and other forms of transmitted diseases. One form of preventative medicine recommended for travelers is the malaria prophylaxis. In this method, a person is injected with a dose of preventing anti-malaria medicine once in his life. Some travelers may find this method inconvenient because they have to get to a clinic or a hospital within some hours after being injected with the medicine. This method is not recommended for pregnant women, children below six years old and travelers who suffer from severe headaches, muscle ache, high fever or any other symptoms suggesting an impending attack of malaria.

On the contrary, vaccines recommended for traveling to low-developed countries are not easily available in developed countries. This is why travelers to such countries should get themselves properly vaccinated at least five days before leaving for international travel. If you will not comply with this requirement, you will be assessed and held liable for the cost of the vaccination. If you are traveling to one of the low-income countries, then you may be able to apply for a free travel vaccination card.

An epidemic of a highly contagious form of the virus has been recently spreading through South America. This is the “Nippon fever” or “Lassa fever.” This virus spreads through body fluids like blood, breast milk and urine and can cause severe medical complications if it reaches the lungs or other vital organs. Some travelers to these countries are having a higher rate of cases of Nippon fever compared to the usual rate of contracting the illness. This is why the number of traveling nurses is on the increase for this particular disease.

Knowing When To Take Your Bank Holiday


Knowing When To Take Your Bank Holiday

A holiday is any day set aside by law or custom where normal everyday activities, particularly work or study including school, are either suspended or completely eliminated. In most cases, such holidays are meant to let people celebrate or mark an occasion or tradition of national or cultural importance. In the US, Christmas, as well as New Year’s, is considered to be a national holiday, while St. Patrick’s Day and Good Friday are regarded as international holidays. In some European countries, Valentines’ Day is also a national holiday.

Holidays have become associated with certain customs and traditions, and therefore each country has its own set of holidays that allow individuals to show their respect for the community and country to which they belong. There are Christian and Jewish holidays, as well as Pagan and non-religious ones. While some of them are linked with religious significance only, others have general spiritual significance. They help families, friends, colleagues and other individuals in bonding with each other and encourage social interaction.

In recent times, the popularity of traveling to another country for the winter holiday season has increased. Many European countries have long been plagued by cold winters and by the fact that many of their traditional holiday seasons occur at this time. Some of the countries with long traditional holiday seasons include France, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and Greece.

For those who wish to visit these countries, they have longer periods of high observance during the winter months. People who want to spend their vacations away from the busy city life but still be able to enjoy traditional observances have the option of choosing a different holiday island where they can do their normal activities and still observe the traditions. Some of these countries allow individuals to stay for just one day and then visit the festival area of their choice on the next day. Others allow individuals to come and go as they please throughout the week so that they can see everything that is happening without having to commit themselves to a long holiday.

Some of the popular British English holidays include Christmas and New Year’s Eve, which are very popular throughout the world. The late summer months are also extremely busy with families going on beach holidays to Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy. Some of these beaches are world famous with their pristine beaches and dramatic landscapes. Others offer family entertainment and other forms of relaxation such as yoga classes and swimming. Many people who spend their bank holiday time going on public holidays like to stay in holiday cottages which are situated in beautiful countryside near the beach or in town.

For those who wish to have longer holiday trips, there are options available for group holidays including school and university holidays, church and community holidays, and even retirement holidays. All of these types of trips allow individuals to see more than just the local area and are often organized to accommodate a large number of people. Holiday parks allow families to stay in a home away from home while still seeing things that are of interest to them. The same is true of art galleries who organize trips to art museums around the country. There are many different types of public holidays which allow individuals to travel and enjoy travelling whether it is through a trip to a museum or an art gallery.

The Impact of Humor on Human Relationships


The Impact of Humor on Human Relationships

Humor or funny bone is the habit of human encounters to elicit laughter and give enjoyment. Humor is an important part of human behavior and serves multiple purposes. The word derives from the Greek ‘humour’, the medical science of the ancient Greeks which taught that the presence of certain fluids in the body, called humours, regulated emotion and health.

Humorous bone is the occurrence of incongruities in relationships with others which result in a reaction of laughter. Laughter is contagious when the right and appropriate’verbal’ tools are in place. Inappropriate use of laughter, that is, too much or too little can cause distress or embarrassment.

So what is a funny bone? Well, the first two letters of the word are ‘funny’. The rest of the word, the rest of which contains the four vowels, are meant to represent different things. A funny bone may be something which gets you started on a good joke or may be a tactic used to distract or divert attention while the tell-tale laugh is in progress. It can also mean the breaking of the ice and sharing of comical observations between friends, colleagues, or it can indicate the conclusion of a comic play or movie.

The elements of a funny tweet or article will depend largely on the purpose of the joke. For instance, if the recipient is laughing at your jokes, then the contents will need to be of a nature which is likely to get you a laugh. If you are merely trying to lighten the seriousness of an event or situation, then the contents need not be funny. In this case, neither the timing nor the content matter, but simply the fact that something funny has happened.

Many of us have had friends who delivered lines without thinking, went off on tangents, used inappropriate humor or used seemingly “insane” humor. These individuals soon earned the contempt of their followers. It is true that in the short run these tactics were most effective, but the cumulative effect of these tactics eventually led to people either avoiding getting a laugh or feeling patronized by the person delivering them. There is something to be said for adopting a “humorless” approach, as this type of approach tends to be self-defeating. Thus, the more the use of humor and the wider range of funny subjects becomes, the more effective the social mechanism of laughter will become and the more acceptable it will become to the target audience.

It may seem strange to single out humor when it comes to communication. But humor, just like all other human interactions, is a social phenomenon and the intensity of such social phenomena is measured by the degree of acceptance of the subject. If you ask a group of people to take a joke, or ask someone to share a funny moment, they might well share some funny things that have happened to them. But if you ask them to warm up to a person delivering a funny line, or to look at a funny picture, they might very briefly look at the person with the funny image and then walk on. The ability of a person to connect with others depends not only on his or her personality, but also on the extent of his or her ability to entertain. So, as a social skill, humor can be learned and cultivated, and the impact on an individual and his or her relationships can be profound.

How To Use Picture Taking While Traveling


How To Use Picture Taking While Traveling

Traveling is the traveling of individuals between distant geographic locations. Travel can be performed by car, bike, foot, plane, train, bus, boat or other modes, with or without personal luggage, and may be one-way or round trip. A person who travels to the United States for business will probably use a vehicle to get to and from work, while a person who is traveling for pleasure will probably use a bicycle. There are even tours of Europe that require the taking of vehicles.

When traveling, most people only make one complete turn as they move from destination to destination. Many people fail to account for the number of turns they must make in order to complete their travel journey. The American Family is a perfect example of the lack of proper planning when people travel long distances by automobile. When traveling, it is important to account for all travel needs such as turning, stopping, and traveling two steps without dribbling the rest of the ball down the toilet. To properly account for traveling distances, individuals should always start out by traveling three steps to the nearest moving vehicle.

When a traveler is traveling through a foreign country, they should always spell the name of the city or town correctly. Some examples of cities that have interesting names include Moscow, Beijing, London, Rome, Delhi, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, New York, and Washington D.C. For some Americans who are traveling to other foreign countries, the best way to learn new places is to travel by bicycle.

Another excellent way to save time when traveling is to keep one place. For example, if a person is traveling from San Francisco to Paris, California, and takes the ferry to Paris, they should keep the first name and only use that name when in Paris. Some individuals like to take pictures of famous landmarks while traveling. Taking a picture of the Eiffel Tower while in Paris will allow one to have a remembrance of the experience while traveling, rather than missing an opportunity to take a picture in many different places while traveling.

A great time saver when traveling is to use the one place for all activities. For example, if a person only needs to stop at a gas station, it is wise to plan the entire trip by only seeing one place. For example, many travelers often only see Paris on the way to London. By visiting Paris, they can view many important sites such as the Picasso Museum, Louvre, and much more. However, by only seeing one place while traveling, a tourist can miss out on the sights and sounds in many other areas across the world. This can be an extremely disorienting experience.

Learning to manage one’s time is essential when traveling. If a person finds that they are consuming too much time before their plane boards, it is a good idea to take a picture of everything that needs to be seen while traveling, including how far away all the various sites are from each other. Then, when a traveler does need to stop for a restroom break, they will already have a good idea what to expect before they get on the plane.

How English People Take a Holiday?


How English People Take a Holiday?

A holiday is basically a day set apart by law or custom, where most normal activities, particularly work or school including church or work are cancelled or significantly reduced. Generally, holidays are marked by joyous celebration or commemoration of any occasion or tradition of spiritual or cultural importance. They are a period of time when people go out of the house and socialize with family and friends. Holidays are marked by lights, parades, sports and recreation and generally the spirit of joy is prevalent throughout.

In United Kingdom, there are six major public holidays which are widely observed. The two national holidays which are not British English national holidays are Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day. British English celebrate all three of these holidays with equal fervor and enthusiasm, while the residents of some other countries observe them in a different manner. Some other international public holidays observed by the people of other countries are Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

In United Kingdom, public holidays are usually set apart for different purposes. For example, St. Valentine’s Day is an international public holiday to mark the martyrdom of St. Valentine. The festival of St. Valentine’s Day was unheard of during the medieval times when people did not observe any kind of public holiday. The martyrdom of St. Valentine was due to his conversion to the Roman religion. The festival commemorates the martyrdom of St. Valentine. Millions of people from all over the world participate in this festival in February every year, while millions of others celebrate the festival on February 14.

The British public also celebrate several other national holidays which are not specified as a public holiday by the British Government. These include the Children’s week, which were observed on the last Friday of the month of January, the week beginning on New Year’s Day and is regarded as Children’s week in the United Kingdom. There are also some religious festivals observed in the United Kingdom such as Christmas, Good Friday and Easter. All these are privately-held festivals and are not necessarily connected with the government.

Apart from the major public holidays that we have discussed above, there are certain public holidays in the United Kingdom that are largely recognized for their importance by the people. There are two types of holidays recognized by the government. The first type of holiday pay is paid time off or bonus holiday pay. As the name indicates, the bonus holiday pay includes a fixed percentage of an employee’s annual salary. The second type is more flexible and is known as ordinary or standard time off. This type of holiday pay does not have a predetermined amount and has no restrictions, so it is often used by employees to take short breaks throughout the year.

As you can see, the holidays listed above are very popular among the British English. When they are not on break, they like to spend time at home enjoying games, chatting, reading books, watching television or surfing the internet. So it is no surprise that most British English use their holiday time to these various activities and do not go abroad in search of exotic holidays. They are English speaking people and therefore, do speak British English! This makes them excellent candidates for working overseas!

The Difference Between Humor and Laughter


The Difference Between Humor and Laughter

Did you know that there are jokes that are funny jokes that are not? You might be surprised to know that there are a lot of jokes that are actually quite funny when you don’t know what is going on. Some people find his jokes quite funny but believe that they are quite funny to other people who do not understand them.

Jokes are essentially funny if they make you laugh. But the truth is that most people have a very hard time laughing when they find a joke that they find funny. This is because most people have a very hard time understanding humor. Humor is a kind of conversational language. And it is hard to understand the humor in everyday situations.

Understanding humor is especially difficult when it comes to funny jokes and how they make you laugh. If you cannot understand what is funny or what makes somebody laugh, you will not be able to understand the humor in general. This means that if you try to understand humor when you are surrounded by people who cannot understand it, you will be unable to enjoy any humor at all. This means that the people around you will also be unable to enjoy any humor.

An excellent example of a funny quote is a quote by Maya Angelou. She said: “Laughter is the best medicine. It doesn’t cure anything; it gives you a feeling of completeness.” This is funny because it shows that there is something more serious about laughter than the fact that it cures things. You might notice that the last sentence of the quote makes use of the word “completeness” several times and this is exactly what makes it funny.

Using funny quotes is very effective when it comes to humor. Some people say that humor is the only thing between war and peace. They believe that there can be no peaceful settlement between the two because both parties will end up using humor against the other party. The best way to avoid war is to make sure that the people involved are capable of seeing each other funny. When you make somebody laugh, it is natural for them to laugh with you. This will prevent any serious discussion between you and your opponent, which might lead to an argument and war.

The third most popular answer to the question why do people like to hear themselves talk about something asinine is because they like to listen to themselves talk. When you make somebody laugh, you make yourself laugh along with them. This will make people think that you and the person you are talking to are in tune with each other and that you are on the same wavelength. The funny thing is that they do actually share the same wavelength; they are both just listening to different music.

Traveling Vs Staying

Traveling is in fact a great remedy for depression, stress and anxiety. It improves both your mental and physical well being. No wonder that millions of people around the world are constantly traveling and enjoying their travel sprees. They have one life ahead of them and must thank God for creating such advanced human being on this earth. They are not only exploring distant lands and experiencing new cultures but they are growing closer to their families as well.

Traveling not only relieves stress and anxiety but also it helps a traveler to change his outlook on life. For example, if a person is always traveling and is often lonely, he will tend to develop more social skills so that he does not get alone in one place for long. This will help him to be more sociable around others. One can make new friends traveling. So, a traveler can meet new people and get away from the usual crowd in one place and start communicating with new people who are not at all familiar with him.

A very famous and sought after tourist destination in the world is Edinburgh castle, which is a famous tourist spot. Even if a person does not know much about the language and history of the place, he can still enjoy his holidays in Edinburgh castle through the help of online maps and English guides. A traveler who wants to experience a short holiday in Edinburgh, can even hire an Edinburgh castle tour guide who can tell him everything about the place and its history.

When people are traveling, there are many issues that he/she has to take care of like their vaccinations, passports, local currency, tents, etc. But, most important thing is the language issue. For those people who do not know English language, he or she should correct his/her pronunciation while speaking and find some good online English dictionaries that will help in correct pronunciation. The traveler can improve his/her English speaking skill by listening to some good recorded audio CDs while traveling.

If you are traveling abroad for your official work or for any other purpose, you should make sure that you have accurate contact information such as home, work and email address so that you can reach them easily during emergency. One of the most frequent problems that a traveler faces while traveling abroad is the language issue. A traveler should also check his/her spelling and grammar while traveling in Britain. There are plenty of free English spelling and grammar checkers on the internet, so a person can use it while traveling.

In general, both of the terms i.e. traveling and staying are used to refer to the same thing. Hence, one should keep this difference in mind while traveling. When a person travels from one place to another, he is said to be traveling. So, it is better to keep the difference in mind while traveling between two words while talking to someone.

Learn How and When to Remove This Template Message

A holiday is a time set aside for public celebration of society or family norms, typically with lower educational levels or by government mandate where normal daytime activities, usually work or school including socialization, are significantly reduced or suspended. Generally, most holidays are meant to allow people to celebrate or remember an occasion or tradition of communal or spiritual importance. They are also a time for social interaction and socialize among different classes and cultures.


The earliest recorded American holidays were those commemorating the settlement of Plymouth colony by Christopher Columbus. It was in the year 1630 that the Pilgrims established a settlement at Plymouth, Massachusetts, which became the first colony in New England. Because it was a relatively new state, the Puritan settlers had a more relaxed lifestyle when compared with the English who had a very stiff established social code and much stricter rules regarding marriage and divorce. Therefore, most of the marriages in Plymouth colony were arranged and few families had children.

The English celebrate their holidays differently than the Americans. Unlike the Pilgrims who were a group of adventurous explorers, the English celebrate their day set apart for them and their descendants as a special day to honor their forefathers and celebrate their culture. The American etymology of the word ‘holidays’ originates from the English word ‘holi’, which means the sacred fire, and is related to the Hindu Yama, who is considering the God of justice and protection and the protector of the universe.

There are many other popular international holidays used by Americans. Some popular examples are Christmas and Halloween, which are both national holidays; St. Patrick’s Day, which are internationally recognized as a religious institution; Thanksgiving which is widely used by native Americans to honor their culture; Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, which are respected religious symbols; and Independence Day, which are widely honored as a national holiday in the United States. However, there are other countries around the world which use a different set of traditional and cultural holiday that is more important to their citizens. These nations celebrate holidays that are important to their heritage and culture and allow individuals who live outside of these nations to have the opportunity to honor these customs and traditions through various holidays that they celebrate.

Some of the most well-loved and popular holidays that Americans celebrate around the world are Christmas and New Year’s Day. Both of these holidays have very deep historical roots and are widely accepted as one of the most significant holidays in the United States. Although people celebrate these two holidays differently in the United States and Canada, there are very few customs that Americans would be required to do differently in either country. For instance, Americans traditionally eat a large amount of food around banks on January first and December twenty-first, while most of the world celebrates food throughout the entire month of December. Similarly, Chinese celebrate the beginning of a new year on the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar, and December twenty first is the traditional time for Chinese people to hold a family gathering to discuss and wish everyone a happy new year.

There are many more traditions and cultural differences that people celebrate around the world, however the most important holiday to the majority of people is Christmas. There are millions of people who celebrate this special day throughout the world, including people who live in the United States. Since many of the most important traditions of the United States were started by settlers and immigrants who came to the country to start a new life, it is very important for Americans to learn about their ancestors’ customs and celebrate their holidays in a respectful way. You can find all of the information you need to know about different traditional holidays and all of the ways you can celebrate them, by visiting our site.

How to Be Extremely Funny and Seem Like a Natural

When you think of someone that is funny, you automatically think of someone with a great personality, great jokes and a lot of attitude. Well, there is more to funny than just having a great personality and great attitude. There is so much more to being funny. You see, there is a difference between a funny guy and a funny person.


A funny guy can be a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy, able to be funny and drolly on any subject at will. He told some great jokes. He is a great seller. However, what makes him funny and even more lovable is his ability to mix in his jokes with some woody Allen jokes and quotes.

A funny guy can be the deputy director of a county department, but also be the receptionist to the county clerk. He is a little bit of everything and has a knack for getting the job done and also making the office atmosphere pleasant one. If you have ever talked to a person who is a humorist, you know that some of their humor comes straight from their gut and from their internal thoughts and emotions. This comes from their heart and from their understanding of human nature. Someone like this might make a great stand up comic or they might be the director of a large corporation with tons of money to spend on their jokes and their image.

Not everyone finds funny and witty humour as easy to achieve as these two examples. Some people find real and genuine humour hard to pull off. They have a hard time finding any jokes that actually work. That’s because some people have a hard time finding any jokes that actually make them laugh. They have to have a certain degree of familiarity with the subject matter or some kind of ‘in between’ experience that makes the joke work in the first place.

If you need a good example of a so funny and witty joke that works then you should take a look at some of Spain’s national football team, or Real Madrid. The best team in the world has found a way to be funny without being distasteful or trying to be politically correct and without being too obvious in their attempts at being funny. That can be said and done without being blatantly obvious.

There are a lot of extremely funny people in the world, and there are a lot of extremely funny situations. If you want to find some of the most hilarious situations and people, all you have to do is search the internet. There is no shortage of information on the web regarding world cultures, and funny situations. So if you ever get stuck you just need to go looking on the web, and you will find a plethora of quick and easy solutions to your humour problems.