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A holiday is a time set aside for public celebration of society or family norms, typically with lower educational levels or by government mandate where normal daytime activities, usually work or school including socialization, are significantly reduced or suspended. Generally, most holidays are meant to allow people to celebrate or remember an occasion or tradition of communal or spiritual importance. They are also a time for social interaction and socialize among different classes and cultures.


The earliest recorded American holidays were those commemorating the settlement of Plymouth colony by Christopher Columbus. It was in the year 1630 that the Pilgrims established a settlement at Plymouth, Massachusetts, which became the first colony in New England. Because it was a relatively new state, the Puritan settlers had a more relaxed lifestyle when compared with the English who had a very stiff established social code and much stricter rules regarding marriage and divorce. Therefore, most of the marriages in Plymouth colony were arranged and few families had children.

The English celebrate their holidays differently than the Americans. Unlike the Pilgrims who were a group of adventurous explorers, the English celebrate their day set apart for them and their descendants as a special day to honor their forefathers and celebrate their culture. The American etymology of the word ‘holidays’ originates from the English word ‘holi’, which means the sacred fire, and is related to the Hindu Yama, who is considering the God of justice and protection and the protector of the universe.

There are many other popular international holidays used by Americans. Some popular examples are Christmas and Halloween, which are both national holidays; St. Patrick’s Day, which are internationally recognized as a religious institution; Thanksgiving which is widely used by native Americans to honor their culture; Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, which are respected religious symbols; and Independence Day, which are widely honored as a national holiday in the United States. However, there are other countries around the world which use a different set of traditional and cultural holiday that is more important to their citizens. These nations celebrate holidays that are important to their heritage and culture and allow individuals who live outside of these nations to have the opportunity to honor these customs and traditions through various holidays that they celebrate.

Some of the most well-loved and popular holidays that Americans celebrate around the world are Christmas and New Year’s Day. Both of these holidays have very deep historical roots and are widely accepted as one of the most significant holidays in the United States. Although people celebrate these two holidays differently in the United States and Canada, there are very few customs that Americans would be required to do differently in either country. For instance, Americans traditionally eat a large amount of food around banks on January first and December twenty-first, while most of the world celebrates food throughout the entire month of December. Similarly, Chinese celebrate the beginning of a new year on the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar, and December twenty first is the traditional time for Chinese people to hold a family gathering to discuss and wish everyone a happy new year.

There are many more traditions and cultural differences that people celebrate around the world, however the most important holiday to the majority of people is Christmas. There are millions of people who celebrate this special day throughout the world, including people who live in the United States. Since many of the most important traditions of the United States were started by settlers and immigrants who came to the country to start a new life, it is very important for Americans to learn about their ancestors’ customs and celebrate their holidays in a respectful way. You can find all of the information you need to know about different traditional holidays and all of the ways you can celebrate them, by visiting our site.