How to Be Extremely Funny and Seem Like a Natural

When you think of someone that is funny, you automatically think of someone with a great personality, great jokes and a lot of attitude. Well, there is more to funny than just having a great personality and great attitude. There is so much more to being funny. You see, there is a difference between a funny guy and a funny person.


A funny guy can be a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy, able to be funny and drolly on any subject at will. He told some great jokes. He is a great seller. However, what makes him funny and even more lovable is his ability to mix in his jokes with some woody Allen jokes and quotes.

A funny guy can be the deputy director of a county department, but also be the receptionist to the county clerk. He is a little bit of everything and has a knack for getting the job done and also making the office atmosphere pleasant one. If you have ever talked to a person who is a humorist, you know that some of their humor comes straight from their gut and from their internal thoughts and emotions. This comes from their heart and from their understanding of human nature. Someone like this might make a great stand up comic or they might be the director of a large corporation with tons of money to spend on their jokes and their image.

Not everyone finds funny and witty humour as easy to achieve as these two examples. Some people find real and genuine humour hard to pull off. They have a hard time finding any jokes that actually work. That’s because some people have a hard time finding any jokes that actually make them laugh. They have to have a certain degree of familiarity with the subject matter or some kind of ‘in between’ experience that makes the joke work in the first place.

If you need a good example of a so funny and witty joke that works then you should take a look at some of Spain’s national football team, or Real Madrid. The best team in the world has found a way to be funny without being distasteful or trying to be politically correct and without being too obvious in their attempts at being funny. That can be said and done without being blatantly obvious.

There are a lot of extremely funny people in the world, and there are a lot of extremely funny situations. If you want to find some of the most hilarious situations and people, all you have to do is search the internet. There is no shortage of information on the web regarding world cultures, and funny situations. So if you ever get stuck you just need to go looking on the web, and you will find a plethora of quick and easy solutions to your humour problems.