Learn How to Dribble a Basketball Better

Traveling is the general movement of individuals between various distant geographical points. Travel can be to land, sea, or air and can either be one-way or round trip, between places of equal importance and significance. Traveling for business or pleasure can either be planned ahead or made on an spur of the moment basis. There are certain guidelines that need to be kept in mind while traveling. These guidelines help in making the traveling experience a pleasant one.


The first guideline is to take three basic steps when traveling, which are safety, security and comfort. These three factors should always be present while traveling, because traveling has the tendency to take away the peace and serenity that we get used to having. So, while traveling, do not get caught up in conversations with people you do not know and do not let any unnecessary deadlines elude you. Take the necessary safety measures before traveling. In case of an emergency, contact emergency services and inform them about your exact location and exact destination. Also carry a first aid kit with you.

The second guideline while traveling is to take two steps without dribbling the basketball. Two steps when traveling is considered to be one measure of walking. Most basketball players take three measures of walking when traveling. The most common being three steps that start with stepping on the balls of your feet and going up to standing at the edge of the basketball court. When a player takes two steps without dribbling the basketball, it is considered to be like walking but without taking the next two steps that would lead to falling.

The third guideline while traveling is to maintain the proper balance. While walking, especially when you are walking on a surface like road, keep your center of gravity in your right foot. Your right foot is used for balancing while your left is used for pivoting or turning. So, if you are taking two steps while traveling, make sure you use your right foot for the next two steps.

The fourth guideline while traveling is to maintain proper timing. Timing is one thing that is very important in basketball. When traveling, if your timing is off, you might take too many steps when you should be stepping on the ball or your left foot. If you want to play safe, practice in a stationary position when you do not have to move your feet.

One other important guideline is to keep your body as straight as possible. The reason for this is to minimize the risk of injury. If you want to know how to properly dribble a basketball, you need to understand the whole set of principles of how to dribble a basketball. For this reason, you need to practice properly by going to a stationary position and practicing the entire set of principles of how to dribble a basketball.