Funny Croatian Articles


Funny Croatian Articles

What is the word for a funny person? Is it someone that makes you laugh, or is considered to be funny by you? If you are in the identical position as well, maybe you could consider them as funny, or even had someone say to you “You are funny” while speaking to you. Well, this article aims to discuss the definitions of funny, so that you would know exactly what the word mean when it comes to being funny, and not just knowing the definition but nothing more.

We could start with the dictionary definition: Humor is “the ability to find and develop comedy in situations that are unpleasant or tense”. So, humor is the ability to find something funny in even the most difficult situations. And being funny can only be learnt, by example. There are no big joke tellers in this world that were born with a sense of humor, even if they might try hard to convince you otherwise. They just laughed their way through the “joke of the hour” at work every single day, and that is how they became funny.

Now we can come up with a list of all the characters from the funniest movies or series that are considered as “comedy”, whether they are films, television shows, stand-up comedy, comics or even musicians. We could also list all the genres of comedy, which include funny games, music, talk shows or MCs. Anything that involves some form of interaction, and the use of social skill, is usually considered to be a form of humor. This makes a lot of sense, because without humor, we would not have people poking fun at each other on TV, in real life, and on the internet.

Let’s take a closer look into the list of genres of comedy and humor that we have here. Comedy is one of the most obvious examples, but let’s not leave out the smallest genre of all: the small coastal communities. This can be considered to be the ultimate genre of humor, and the perfect set up for any type of stand-up comedy show that takes place in those little coastal communities. A typical small coastal community has a small town center, the majority of which is a gas station or a convenience store. There is always something that goes on there, and that is what truly makes it funny: the interactions between the residents and the extras.

The subjects of jokes and humor are as varied as the people who put them into motion. In a recent study done by a team of Croatian researchers, the scientists discovered that humor is actually a universal language, that is shared by all cultures. It was further discovered that the most humorous stories seem to be about farming, a subject almost exclusively found in the Croatian villages. So, if you were to make a list of what you find funny the Croatian scientific community would probably be satisfied with this revelation.

So, the next time you find yourself browsing through your news feed or your favorite social networking site and come across some sort of funny things, take a moment to share them with the Croats. This is a great way to spread the world around, just through your social networks, and the humor that you might come across is bound to touch a few lives. And if you are not Croatian, then at least you will know where you are most welcome. And if you are Croatian, then you know how much you are appreciated. No matter how strange or funny it is, we all appreciate humor when it happens to us, whether we are aware of it or not. And that is why if you are finding funny things all over the internet, look up Croatian scientific journal and get to know a little bit more about this delightful people.