Why Do People Celebrate Holidays Around the World?

A holiday is a period set aside for public celebrations of national or cultural importance usually on which work or other normal activities including work, school or church attendance are either suspended or limited. In general, public holidays are meant to let people to commemorate or celebrate an occasion or activity of national or cultural significance. Some important holidays in the United Kingdom are Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, National Service, and New Year’s Day. In most countries, public holidays are public holidays and are scheduled for a fixed day each year.


Some religions also observe religious holidays. The Christian community observes All Saint’s Day and Christmas as a major religious holiday. The Chinese and the Indians observe different religious festivals, while the Muslims have their own religious festivals of their own. Hindu and Buddhists also have their own religious holidays.

In the United Kingdom, most local governments celebrate a number of different religious holidays throughout the year. Some of these are Easter, Good Friday, Christmas and Hanukkah, which is considered to be the religious celebration of lights. These are normally observed during mid-January and the end of February every year. In Wales, Valentines Day is one such public holiday, while Scotland celebrates its own version of St. Patrick’s Day, known as All Saint’s Day. In Northern Ireland, New Year’s Day is also celebrated in a similar way to Valentines Day.

Many public schools in the United Kingdom observe religious holidays for different reasons. While some do so out of respect for a particular faith, other schools do it as a means of making students feel closer to their fellow students. For instance, some public schools opt to suspend classes on certain religious holidays in order to create space for students who wish to observe such holidays. Others go a step further and give students the option of choosing which religious observances they wish to observe. Some schools also go as far as creating activities and games to mark each holiday, which are sure to bring people of all faiths and creeds together.

In the United States, too, there are countless communities that celebrate holidays in different ways. Some celebrate Christmas as a grand holiday with massive parties and feasts, while others celebrate Santa Claus as the main star of their holiday festivities. There are also plenty of smaller-scale holidays celebrated by individual families, like birthdays and weddings.

There are many reasons to celebrate holidays across the world. No matter what your reason is for doing so, it is clear that we are a global society. Some of you may celebrate a particular holiday because you are from that country, while others are doing it out of personal preference. Regardless of your reason, it is clear that the holiday season is here to stay. So, next time you get stuck in traffic and feel bogged down by the inefficiencies of the daily grind, instead of blaming the boss or your fellow coworker, take a look at the world around you and see how many different holidays there are that you can celebrate!