What is Good Health?

The definition of “health” is not very different from the one of “healthy living”. Health is basically a state of good physical, emotional and psychological well-being where infirmity and disease are absent. Health refers to a person’s capability to cope with the demands of life. A person with poor health can find it difficult to get through his or her day and is at a greater risk of being afflicted with disease or sickness.

To assess whether you have good or bad health, you must first understand what “good”bad” means in your life. For instance, do you live in a place that has a low crime rate? If you answer no, then you are on the road to good health. On the other hand, if you are living in a high crime zone, you may suffer from poor health. In short, health is a matter of individual preference and should be a major consideration in making life decisions.

The term “life” refers to a person’s entire life. Therefore, if a person lives for years, he or she is considered to be healthy because he or she can be counted upon to live long enough to carry out all necessary duties and responsibilities. On the other hand, if a person dies before achieving the goals he or she had set for himself or herself, the person would be considered as having a life full of challenges and difficulties.

Another important factor in determining an individual’s life and health is the environment that they were raised in. People who grew up in an unhealthy environment are more likely to succumb to health problems than people who were brought up in an environment that is conducive to good health.

What does it mean to be healthy in a personal sense? It simply means that a person’s life is a source of pleasure and fulfillment and has no bearing whatsoever on his or her health and life expectancy. An individual’s life is full of activities that allow him or her to develop, nurture and enhance his or her mind, body and spirit. The most enjoyable aspects of life are those that are based on creativity, personal expression and interaction with other people.

A positive outlook on life allows an individual to take a balanced view of his or her achievements and shortcomings. A person can come to a realization of his or her strengths and weaknesses and learn to make use of these things to develop a positive persona. A person’s attitude can also determine his or her quality of life. Positive people are usually found among people who are always cheerful and friendly, who are easy to approach and who are not afraid of new challenges.