What is a Holiday?

A holiday is a day designated for leisure, recreation, or commemoration of an important event or occasion. The word itself derives from the Old English “haligdaeg,” which originally meant “special day.” In modern usage, it can refer to any dedicated day or period of celebration. The term is usually used in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, where it has been a common usage since the late 19th century. In addition, many sovereign nations observe holidays in connection with historical events, such as the New Year and the Chinese New Year.


Depending on the country, many countries have different definitions of holiday. In the United States, a holiday refers to a day or a set number of days off from work that coincide with a religious or national holiday. In the UK, these holidays are generally known as “bank holidays,” and are usually celebrated on the last day of the month. In many other countries, they are known as “working holidays,” and are largely viewed as a convenient way to get paid.

Although different regions have different definitions, in general, a holiday refers to a period of leave or a day of rest. It can be a set day or several days, and it is often a time when leave is granted, but not a period of time when the employee has no obligations. In the United States, a holiday may mean the same thing as a vacation, but with a few differences. For example, some companies allow their employees to work on a holiday, but in exchange for cash, they are not required to attend work.

In countries where Christian holidays are observed, government-designated holidays are sometimes not widely observed. In countries with a large Christian population, government-designated holidays may center on Christmas, Easter, or the Fourth of July, while non-Christians may observe religious holidays associated with their religion. In some cases, government-designated holidays are simply recreational, with religious meanings only present in religious contexts. For example, in the United Kingdom, the Bank-Holiday is treated as a working holiday by many Jews.

While a holiday can be a day off from work, it is often a day in which people stop working. They are entitled to take a rest or take a vacation, and it is often common to have a working holiday. The purpose of a holiday depends on its religious association with the nation and the region. Some countries also have holidays for the same day of the week. If the company or institute doesn’t designate a specific day off, they may make it an exception.

There are many kinds of holidays. A traditional holiday may be celebrated on a specific day, while an odd holiday is a day without a fixed date. It may be a religious holiday in one country and an ordinary holiday in another. In the United States, a government-designated holiday is a holiday with an educational or recreational purpose. In a nation with a majority Christian population, the government may designate a special day for religious holidays to be observed by a minority of Christians.