Incongruity – Two Concepts That Can Make Or Break a Joke!

Funny is part of life. Some people have funny bone that just breaks apart when they are hit by a funny thing or situation. There are funny moments all through the year. One might find a funny quote on a t-shirt, some may be seen on a car bumper sticker, while some people may find funny stuffs online.

Laughter is the best medicine and it can do us a lot of good. Humor is an excellent healer and gives us an opportunity to feel and smell better. There are many exceptional and highly funny people who make us extremely happy by simply laughing. There is a popular saying that says that, “Laughter is the best medicine”. This quote clearly tells us that there is a reason that we like to laugh helps us to feel better.

A study shows that there are many incongruities in our system that can cause us harm. The theory says that the incongruities cause us cancer. Therefore, if we laugh at our own jokes that may cause some humor and not risk our health? A hilarious and extremely funny thing to do can balance out any incongruity or shock. For instance, one may say, “What is the difference between a bald eagle?”. In this example, the joke brings humor and balance out the incongruity.

The benign Violations Theory says that there are some instances where laughter causes incongruity. The incongruity results from the violation of the social norm violation theory. The norm violation theory states that when you share your humor with others you create a state of mind that is socially acceptable. For instance, when you laugh at a really stupid joke your body language changes and you become more aware of the social implications of your actions. The more aware you are of the implications the more you can violate the norm without feeling guilty or sanctioned.

What if the people around you do not see the joke or they do not find it funny? The first theory states that you should not be obligated to share your own humor. If what you share with others does not bother them then why should you share your own humor? However, if what you share with others you find humorous or hilarious you are obligated to share it.

If the truth be told, every one needs to share and enjoy humor. Laughter is a very healthy habit that can help eliminate stress, improve memory and promote a healthier immune system. The third theory of incongruity by humor experts is that some incongruities are truly hilarious and harmless. While the third theory may not always hold true; knowing which incongruities are funny and which are not can help you as you share and enjoy humor around you.