Importance of the Toto

What exactly is Toto? Toto means “it’s time” in Japanese. More importantly, Toto means female genitalia in Japanese.

In the book Rock and Roll Horseback, by Johnny Cash, the main character, venants to give up his love of female genitalia. Meaning, a female genital. The significance of this is, according to Cash, it gives you a big enough example to show, that you’re not supposed to go out and worship or give in to the sexual advances of a man, in order to be accepted as a man.

Another famous quote by American author Mark Twain, clearly defines the attitude of Toto. “But I’ve always liked a pretty woman anyway.” Mark Twain said, clearly. To be fair to Toto, the above quote was about a pretty boy rather than an adult, like the title character of To Walk with a Stranger.

One must take note, that the Japanese version of the Golden Frog song, translated by Tetsubin, translates the lyrics into “I am Toto, the beautiful one, come here”. This is not a translation of the original word, but is instead used to explain what the character is supposed to symbolize. The original word for Toto, is “one”, and this shows how deep the meaning goes.

To be a woman, or to be a girl, is a very natural feeling in human nature. To belong to a particular sex or genders, is a very natural feeling. To belong to a particular gender, is very natural to most of us. We see this expressed in various ways, in different cultures and countries. Not only that, in some places in Japan, tattoos that portray women are more elaborate and detailed than those depicting men.

Women are considered to be more sexy and alluring when it comes to the human anatomy, and a tattoo that portrays a woman is therefore very sexy, alluring and sensuous. However, in Japan it is not always the case. Some men prefer to have a penis that is very small. This is to create an illusion of having a smaller penis. Also, if a man has a small penis, it is more acceptable to him, because the Japanese think a man with a large penis is more virile.

Therefore, when you choose a tattoo for yourself, whether you are a man or a woman, you must know which one is more attractive to you. Your tattoo must express who you are. If you want to be more feminine, then go for a flower design or a star design. If you want to be more masculine, then go for the Kanji character, a dragon or any other Asian symbol. Only you can choose what design of your choice, which makes you a unique individual.

However, there is one word of caution. Before you get a tattoo, you must be sure of whom you are getting it done. The tattoo artist must be an expert in Japanese art, as the design of the porcini has very many kana. If you are unsure, don’t get it. Let a professional take care of this.

The most beautiful feature of the Toto, in comparison to all other animals, is its horn. In Japanese, it is called the Torikin and the meaning is “horn”. This gives the Toto the ability to increase its size to satisfy the sexual needs of its owner. It is said that the Toto horns grow in an individual’s body until it resembles that of a horse’s hoof. That is why some people will put chains with Toto horns on their trucks.

The Toto is considered a sacred animal in the Hindu religion. According to Hinduism, these horns symbolize the strength of the male virility. In Chinese culture, a person who has a Toto tattoo, will never be allowed to become a monk. The Toto is a part of a ritual in Chinese culture and it is believed that without them, a Buddhist will be unable to walk the path of the monk.

A Toto tattoo can be rendered on any part of the body where there is enough space and the pigments used can easily penetrate the skin. There is a wide variety of colors and styles that a person can choose from. The variety of patterns and designs can go on for years.

The Toto is a very popular tattoo design for men because of its pigmentation. The dark pigment gives it a very masculine look. Unlike other tribal tattoos, you won’t usually see anyone with a Toto tattoo. If you have this tattoo inked onto your body, you are mostly likely covered in it when you don’t want to be seen. You can always cover up your tattoo if need be. So as you can see, the Toto has many uses and meanings and it’s not something to be taken lightly.