Importance of Humorous Comedy for Successful Business


Importance of Humorous Comedy for Successful Business

When we think of funny we generally think of something that is upsetting or hilarious. Synonyms for funny in English are used to describe all sorts of things, however, especially those which are uniquely funny. The word funny as used above is generally taken to mean ‘rare’ and in truth this is rarely the only meaning. There are countless other synonyms, all of which are funny in their own way.

The word funny, as used in regular speech, is normally used to describe some sort of irony or the exaggeration of a situation. This is where the term ‘humor’ comes from, coming from the Greek word ‘humein’. We often mistake humour for irony and this can cause us many problems. Every time we laugh at ourselves or others we are in reality experiencing a form of humour.

If we analyse the word funny we will see that it really does not have a single meaning. In everyday conversation we use the word funny to describe situations which are indeed amusing. It therefore makes sense that we should take the word funny literally and interpret it literally. Nowadays, many people do take the word funny literally and this leads to a great deal of enjoyment being had by everyone involved in any situation where humour is involved. When you hear the expression, ‘laughter is the best medicine’, you will understand exactly what the expression means. The whole idea behind the usage of the word humour is to bring balance into any situation.

A good example of when to use humour is when making a joke. When making a joke, especially a long one, you must make sure that you don’t lose your audience’s attention or laugh so loud that they can’t hear what you are saying. This will lose you the entire joke and it will be very difficult to continue regardless of how funny you are. However, if you are making an observation about something, you may wish to start using a little humor to keep the listener entertained until the point where the joke is finished. Of course, you do not want to lose your audience entirely, but there are certain times when making a joke is just too good to pass up.

One other time when it is advisable to use humour is when you are telling a funny story. As well as telling a story which is funny, you must ensure that you add some degree of irony so that it is obvious that you are making a joke. Sometimes people can tell a story which is completely true but is presented in a funny way. By adding a little humour you will lose their attention and they will stop listening to you.

If you wish to achieve great success in your funny business, you must remember that there is more to being funny than simply using humour. To be funny you need to use other people’s laughter as well as your own. By using other people’s laughter you can bring out the dry humour inside of you and use it to share with others. When you do this, you will enjoy greater success and people will be looking forward to your jokes.