Humorous Jokes: Where They Come From and Why People Laugh


Humorous Jokes: Where They Come From and Why People Laugh

Humour or comedy is the trend of amusing experiences to elicit humour and provide entertainment. The word derives from the Greek humoral therapy, which taught that the condition of fluids in the body, called humours, were controlled by the control of the humours in the blood. It is a process of self-metaphysicians; it is not science. It is usually about the unexpected and that’s what makes it funny.

There are a lot of ways you can tell if a joke is funny and one way is to see how others reacted when they first heard it. Jokes that are especially funny to you are generally the ones that tickle your funny bone or make you laugh so hard that tears came out of your eyes. A lot of us might be tempted to pass the joke on to others, but passing on funny jokes is just as bad as giving them. Some of the best and most extraordinarily funny people in the world are not afraid to let others have a crack at their jokes.

There are real-life examples of funny business jokes all around you, all the time. For example, if you’re standing in line at the supermarket, chances are the person next to you is not looking at their watch, they’re looking at their nose, and they probably aren’t thinking about their watch either. Everyone has a different sense of what is funny. What is funny to you may be completely embarrassing to someone else.

If you feel that your jokes are funny to you, try to think what sort of first two or three things come to mind when you hear those jokes. Ask yourself, what do I think about when I first hear the jokes? For example, if you first think about the embarrassment you feel when you look down the nose of another person you can probably see how that would make you laugh.

Another example of a funny tip is when you see someone doing some kind of lame stand-up comedy routine, like doing jokes about sofas, or something like that, try to think how hilarious that could be for you. The same thing applies if you ever see somebody in a setting who just has a great set of jokes. Try to think what could be funny about that situation.

Sometimes it takes other people to make us laugh. If you go out on a date and you hear one of the best jokes ever told, or if you see a funny movie, is there any other person in the room who isn’t laughing? Of course not. So, if you find yourself surrounded by someone who makes you laugh, even if for different reasons, then you are a candidate for some good jokes.