How to Get the Best Casino Comps in Las Vegas


When visiting a casino, you should always keep the rules of conduct in mind. Generally, casinos enforce security through rules and regulations. For example, card game players should be visible when holding their cards. Also, casinos provide free drinks for higher spenders. You should also watch out for the catwalks above the casino floor. These features make a casino feel more authentic. So, if you’re in doubt about the casino rules, read on.

Less expensive comps are available to smaller spenders

Casinos offer special comps for high rollers. These bonuses are designed specifically for the high rollers and often include things like free airport transfers, limo rides, or even bumps up in ticket class. However, it is worth noting that smaller spenders are not automatically excluded from these benefits. There are still ways to earn casino comps that will make your trip to Las Vegas much more enjoyable. Here are some ideas.

Free drinks are offered to encourage gamblers to spend more

In the casino business, offering free drinks is a standard practice. However, the number of people arrested for drunk driving has increased five-fold since Mississippi legalized riverboat gambling in 1991. The reason for the increase in drunk driving arrests is unclear, but casino officials say that employees have been trained to recognize when a customer is inebriated, and they are aware of the risks. Despite the risks, many people have become addicted to drinking and driving after a night at the casinos.

Casinos lack clocks and windows

One reason why casinos lack windows and clocks is to distract players. Casinos in Las Vegas are specifically designed to make players feel as if they’re in a tunnel and are designed to keep them playing longer. They also do a great job of giving players a feeling of tunnel vision. This is why casinos lack windows and clocks, as well as using other psychological tricks. To keep players from getting distracted, casinos often have no windows or clocks, but there are ways to use them to your advantage.

They have catwalks above the casino floor

In the past, surveillance cameras in casinos were nonexistent. Security agents monitored the casino floor via catwalks, which were essentially asbestos-coated walkways in the ceiling. The catwalks provided a great vantage point for cheats, as they could observe slot machines and table games from above. They also helped make the casino safer for everyone. However, today, surveillance is more effective and less intrusive than ever.

They provide security

There are a number of security features that a casino can implement to help prevent criminal activity. Casinos use encryption software such as TLS to ensure the safety of information sent over the Internet. Additionally, they use licenses to prevent fraud. Here are some of the key features of online casinos. The first of these features is SSL encryption. SSL is the predecessor of TLS and ensures that information sent between a customer and a website is encrypted.