How To Choose The Best Festive Holiday Cards For Your Staff

A holiday is essentially a day set apart by law or custom, where normal everyday activities, particularly work or company-related activities such as work or school including church and school are suspended or significantly reduced. Generally, holidays are held to let people commemorate or celebrate an occasion or belief of spiritual or cultural importance. They are also to be noted for their great contributions to the happiness and joy of people. Holidays have become an integral part of our life and it has become customary to wait for a particular day to celebrate and get motivated. In fact, there are some people who wait for a month or more in advance to be celebrated as their favorite holidays. For the most part, people celebrate their holidays in different ways, depending on the nature of the day.


At the start of a new year, you can give employees federal holidays as a mark of respect and gratitude. They will definitely appreciate it will also give them a sense of belonging to something larger and the whole community. This will give them some confidence and they will feel part of things in the coming year as well. Giving them the right attitude and creating a positive environment for them during the holiday period will also help them perform better and they will be able to give better services.

There are three major federal holidays that you can give employees on the first Monday of January. The first one is New Year’s Day, so you should plan to give your employees this day off from work on this day. Employees who are present on this day will receive a gold card with a picture of President Obama on it and this card will be valid for every gift they wish to purchase from your company, if they buy something for someone else as well. This gift will not only be appreciated by them, but also by the people they buy gifts for.

The next federal holiday is Christmas Day. On this day, you should set the ambience and mood inside your office so that everyone feels comfortable and happy on this special holiday. You should place lots of flowers on the tables, you should decorate your desk with festive paper and streamers will do great for this holiday. You should ensure that all the windows are open and the staff will have enough space to dance and sing as they wish to. Christmas songs will give everyone a joyful atmosphere on this happy holiday.

Then, the third major holiday you should give is the Fourth of July. In the past, most employees did not celebrate the 4th of July because it was considered to be a work holiday. However, with the new century, many companies began to celebrate this holiday on their own and it has gradually become a part of the working culture. Now, all companies have their own celebration and they all prefer to celebrate this holiday on their own, without consulting with the government. Moreover, some of the other important federal holidays that you can also give to your employees include Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Apart from all these three major and famous federal holidays, you can also plan a special party for your employees. It can either be a small gathering or a festival for your employees where they can celebrate the holiday the way they want. Some of the popular parties include picnics, cook-outs and barbecues. Therefore, if you give the holiday cards to your employees, you will definitely see a large response from them and they will surely wish you a happy new year.