How to Be Funny

Humor is the tendency to make people laugh or provide amusement. The word comes from humoral medicine, which the ancient Greeks used to heal various illnesses. The humours were fluids in the human body that caused laughter or amusement. There are many different examples of humor. Here are some of the most memorable ones. Read on for more. But what is the best way to be funny? And how do you be funny? Here are some great examples.


The definition of funny is varied. A dictionary defines it as “playful or amusing.” It is also used to describe the behavior of someone who is curious or odd. The word is also used in the context of a joke that isn’t completely true. When the word “funny” refers to a joke, it refers to an act of levity or mischief. A person who makes fun of themselves is more likely to laugh, and will be more likely to laugh.

Funny is often defined as “amusing” or “jolly”. This includes activities that are amusing for others. The definition of funny covers a wide variety of subjects, from clowns to roller coasters. Comedy is often characterized by jokes, pranks, and Internet memes. It is also used in the negative sense. The word can be used to describe a satirical or ridiculous comment. The same definition can be applied to humorous people.

The definition of funny is different for different people. It can refer to underhanded or suspicious behavior. This is the reason why people often use the phrase “funny business” when they are talking about a criminal activity. A deal that seems too good to be true can make people think that something is funny. The word can also be used in a positive sense, such as when a person tries to scam someone. In these cases, the person will be rewarded by getting a bargain.

Funny is also a term for suspicious or underhanded behavior. The phrase “funny business” can refer to anything that seems too good to be true. Sometimes, it may be a criminal activity, and is often used in a comic context. It’s also a term for strange, odd, or curious behavior. In short, it can be described as being interesting or funny. It’s best to be creative and have fun with it!

Another example of funny is when someone says “ask a lawyer” and the lawyer replies that they can help. When a person is being funny, the person isn’t trying to make himself look bad. This is an example of a fake callback. This is a form of harassment and can lead to serious legal action. It’s also a common way to get caught doing something. A fake phone call can be considered hilarious.