Holidaying in the United Kingdom

A holiday is essentially a day set aside specifically for personal reason, on which usually normal daily activities, particularly work or business, including school are cancelled or significantly reduced. In general, most holidays are meant to enable people to celebrate or mark an occasion or tradition of historical or cultural importance to them. Usually, this is done through festivities and associated activities.

Holidays in the United Kingdom normally falls on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, except for English Thanksgiving. This could be regarded as the most traditional holiday in United Kingdom as it commemorates the Norman conquest of 1066. There are many English speaking countries across the world who have their own traditions and common festivals on different dates throughout the year. Some of these countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand and United States of America have their own national holidays.

The English holiday season is usually associated with Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Although there are no cold weather days during this time, many English people enjoy the Christmas dinner in theaters or pubs. The Christmas special is one of the most popular television events in the United Kingdom. The Christmas special features celebrities from various England based television programs such as David Beckham, John Terry, ring bearer David Soul and others. This tradition originated with the filming of “A Christmas Carol” in 1980.

The English people are very attached to the Christian holiday season and people get much emotional if they do not observe any of the major Christian festivals such as Christmas and New Year’s. The United Kingdom holiday schedule usually has a major emphasis on family holidays as well as vacations for the children. Most of the children get to go on summer vacations before they enter school. Many of these children are either grandparents or aunts or uncles.

Some people choose to plan their own vacations but many of these people need expert help. There are many advantages of planning your own holiday when compared with using a vacation agent. Using an agent can be expensive as they are paid on a commission basis and their expenses may include the price of hotels, meals, excursions and other entertainment costs. On the other hand, you are the one who chooses your holiday destination, where to stay, what to do and how to prepare. You also have more control over the things that you do and don’t do during your holiday.

Planning a British bank holiday can be made easy as long as you follow the right procedures. Always choose accommodation that caters to the purpose of your holiday. There are so many places to visit in the United Kingdom. Spending time in each place can be tiring but well worth it. For example, an evening out at a theatre can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike as long as certain religious observances are observed.