Healthy Living

We live in a society that has a definite standard of care for health. Health is often equated with wealth, but in fact is an ongoing process of learning about what it takes to be healthy in our present surroundings and how to sustain health in the future. Health is therefore a condition of total physical, emotional and social well being in which infirmity and illness are absent. In other words, the idea of health is not about an immediate physical state, but the attainment of the optimum levels of fitness and healthy living over a lifetime.


The medical world is largely concerned with treating the symptoms of health rather than the cause. The result is a lot of people who never enjoy long term health and those who become chronically ill or die young.

Health is the outcome of an individual’s life from start to finish. This means that although a person might experience a health condition at any time, it does not follow that they will always be healthy. Although some illnesses or infirmities may be treatable, there is no such thing as a one size fits all treatment. Many different health conditions need to be dealt with from different health professionals, so if you are suffering from a particular health concern, it is wise to consult with a number of different health professionals in order to determine the best course of treatment.

Although most people have a good level of health from birth, in many cases people who are overweight or suffer from chronic health conditions do not maintain this level of health throughout their lives. For example, a common misconception of health is the idea that obesity can be cured by simply losing weight, however this is rarely true and in many cases weight loss can actually make the problem worse.

In addition to healthy life expectancy, people have a range of other things to think about when they are thinking about health. The most important aspect of health is the mental health of an individual. It is important to maintain a positive mental outlook, and having a good social network is essential if you want to have a high quality of life and maintain your mental health.

All of us are different and have our own individualistic approach to health and what works for me may not necessarily work for you. However, there is something that works for all of us, regardless of our personal circumstances. Just remember that no matter what you are facing, a positive and optimistic outlook is essential to living a healthy lifestyle.