Funny Things to Share With Friends and Family – The Perfect Funny Joke


Funny Things to Share With Friends and Family – The Perfect Funny Joke

Something that’s funny is sometimes funny or even comical. Most comedians make their bread and butter by being funny. It seems as though the word funny must also be in relation to something comical or fun. A good, funny roller coaster ride may make you scream into your mask rather than laugh, or just plain weird, such as an out-of-the-blue, odd person, a humorous attitude, or just a bit off. But funny does have a meaning, one of the meanings of funny is to derive pleasure from the ironic situation or circumstance.

So how do we derive enjoyment from something? Quite simply, through our reaction to it. If something is funny, we laugh, whether we mean to or not. It’s that simple.

There are many things that can elicit a moment of hilarity, from pranks to jokes, from horoscopes to astrology. What makes a situation funny, then, is not only the situation but the reaction of those involved or observers. What’s funny, according to Jennifer Aniston, is when people take her seriously, when she says, “You’re so corny,” or when she cracks a joke about her beautiful sister, Sofia. What’s so great about this is the difference between what’s funny and what isn’t.

If someone says to me, “You’re so corny,” I know exactly what they mean. It’s when someone says something that, to me, goes against my personal understanding of humor. The right and the wrong of it are both equally important. And as for Sofia, well…she does have a sense of humor, and we all could use a few more of them. In her case, it could even be a matter of life or death.

For myself? Well, there’s always funny things in life. I could giggle every time I hear one of Jennifer Aniston’s jokes (or read her comments for that matter). I love watching her on “Friends” and seeing her winking at each new funny line. I’ll even giggle when I see her on “Seinfeld.” Now granted, those aren’t the most profound sitcoms in existence, but I still always find that show to be funny in its own way.

And then there’s the man who taught me that a good piece of humor is when a person or situation makes you laugh so hard that you want to cry. That was my first experience of true funny. For me, there’s nothing sweeter than seeing people laugh so hard that they break some of their teeth or break a sweat. I guess that’s what you call real fun. So if you ever find yourself laughing so hard that tears are running down your cheeks, you’ve just found the perfect funny thing to share with friends and family.