Funny Stories – Laughter is the Best Medicine


Funny Stories – Laughter is the Best Medicine

Think it is funny that the film got made only in the first place because of a silly premise. The reality is, much of the humor is derived from the over-the-tops ridiculousness of the entire premise. The plot centers on a pair of cousins who are forced to rent an apartment after their landlord refuses to lower the rent. The two cousins, Eric (Jonah Hill) and Rusty (andy Soong), manage to live out of their apartment for a year, using the money given to them by their friend Dave (James Belushi).

But life isn’t always like a comedy movie. Life is seldom as smooth and funny as a sitcom, and when you think you’ve seen it all, you’re wrong. Life is always loaded with iron-on layers of irony, and that’s what makes life so much more difficult to watch. There is an ongoing joke being told in the “Happy Happy” theory: life is a joke. The funny thing about this theory is that, it could almost be applied to how life really works.

If life was so easy, we’d all be broke. The “happy happy” theory suggests that there is something funny going on in the world, that we’re just not seeing or hearing about. So what are the funniest ideas that are actually true?

The third theory I’m going to tell you about is called the “humorous code.” This is the set of social rules and traditions that we follow to keep ourselves from being too funny. And this code has to do with humor. It states that we should refrain from being funny ourselves and instead share the laughs that other people have. In other words, we should try to find things in common with others, laugh at their mistakes, and become their friend. When we follow the “humorous code,” there is less likelihood for us to make jokes that are offensive to anyone.

A fourth funny idea is related to laughter itself. People who can’t laugh at themselves are often serious. But by laughing at ourselves, we strip ourselves of our seriousness. So instead of making yourself serious, try to inject some humorous elements into your conversations to get the most out of your interactions with other people.

These are just a few examples of funny stories that can make you and those you interact with laugh. If you can pull them off, you are sure to get a big laugh. It also may help if you feel like you can put together several funny stories into one. For example, if you tell one humorous story after another, the effect may be that you will actually end up having several amusing exchanges in your conversations. Try that and see what happens.