Fitness – A Network Marketing Company

Fitness is a network marketing company. They offer products and services to both men and women. These products and services include fitness equipment, nutrition programs, weight loss programs, home based businesses and even travel. The company has been around for quite some time but they are still very popular today.


The company was started in 1997 by two individuals. They had a passion for bodybuilding and they had been unsuccessful in the past with their business ventures. One of them was a personal trainer who worked out all over the country and another was an entrepreneur that had a background in computer programming. They were both able to find a product they knew would have a huge appeal and that would also be able to make money on a network marketing business.

The first company Fitnetss was associated with was the network marketing company called True Nutrition. This company sold nutritional supplements and also had a business network marketing component. This was a great opportunity for Fitnetss because it meant that this company was popular with its customers.

Because the network marketing industry was in a recession at the time, this type of company was able to survive quite well. This company began by selling a product called Pure Protein which contains all of the vitamins and minerals needed to support the body.

The company was also responsible for the first fitness equipment on the market. It was called the Body Glide. It allowed users to do a type of indoor skiing without any snow or ice. The concept was actually created in this company but this product was never marketed by Fitnetss.

The company has had many ups and downs in the network marketing industry and has also had many successes. All in all, Fitnetss has always had a loyal following.

This company is a member of the National Network Marketing Association. They are an equal opportunity network marketing company and they believe that network marketers of any type can succeed in their business.

There are thousands of people who are involved in network marketing. Each one has a different reason for becoming involved. The majority of the people involved in network marketing have worked in the health and beauty industry.

The Fitnetss diet system and the Pure Protein supplement are two of the main reasons for the success of the company. The other products and services they are based around the bodybuilding industry.