Finding Funny Jokes To Liven Up The Night

Humour or witty banter is the natural tendency of encounters to elicit good mirth and offer spontaneous entertainment. The word derives from the Greek humoral therapy, which regarded the balance of acids in the body, called humours, controlled healthy emotion and healthy physical health. Modern neurologists identify the role of humour in regulating the brain’s nerve impulses, particularly those responsible for activating the facial expression Recognising funny faces is a learned skill that seems to promote cooperation and social behaviour. As such, humour is seen as an important element in a healthy work environment.


In this context, it is important to point out that humour has many variants and is not limited to either the comedy club or the cinema. For example, many people in the west live without any sense of humour, with consequences being felt throughout their lives. In fact, it has been found that people who lack in social skills are more prone to make use of funny phrases in their interactions with others. This has been found in both casual and formal settings such as at work, at home, in sports, and in general social situations. It has also been found that humour can have a significant impact on the way that people perceive an argument, with ironic humour showing that a particular situation is not necessarily as funny as some critics make it out to be.

When it comes to the issue of humour, it is perhaps Westbury which offers the best examples. Although there are a number of localities which are known for the production of funny phrases, nothing beats the unique delivery of ‘Kaira Moontoo’. This is said to be the most commonly heard ‘laughter-inducing’ phrase in the entire town, with residents taking to the streets and blasting this ‘joke of the century’ every night. The reason behind this is that many residents (mainly younger ones) find the tradition of ‘live and let live’ to be rather unfriendly, and so they aim to inject a bit of levity into their everyday routine. They do this by regularly delivering the most popular and most memorable ‘jokes’, which are often in someway related to the daily life of Westbury itself.

However, it has been noted that not everyone enjoys the sounds of laughter, especially when those sounds are paired with the sight of something else. However, this need not be a hindrance to a good time, as some residents enjoy the sight of a funny person, whether or not they can actually identify with the person they are observing. For example, one man may watch an elderly couple making out in the streets of Westbury and get into the moment by cracking a few jokes and showing some enjoyment as the couple exchanged words – something that they would never have the chance to do if they were in the presence of a mainstream comedy actor. While this type of scenario is unlikely to be that enjoyable for everybody, it is certainly an option for those looking for something a little different to the more ‘mainstream’ forms of humour.

In fact, it may be best to try something a little more out-of-the-box when trying to find a laugh. This is why many people make sure to bring along a portable device like a Walkman when they venture out for a night out. Laughing with friends and family is a great way to start off a night, and having something to entertain you while you go about your nightly pursuits will ensure that you do not have to settle for any old source of amusement. Laughter is truly the best medicine, especially when you consider that laughter is said to alleviate stress, and many experts agree that it is possible to cure serious ailments such as anxiety, high blood pressure and even depression through the power of laughter.

When trying to locate a source of funny things to talk about with friends and family, you may want to keep an old photo album or your computer’s desktop next to you, so that you can simply tap into a particularly hilarious moment and have your audience erupt in glee. However, it is also important to remember that the old standby of a good joke is always guaranteed to be a hit. The key is to know where to find your funny bone and then just let the magic of words and expression take you to an entirely new level. After all, a simple smile can go a long way these days, especially if it is accompanied by a few chuckles of your own.