Examples of People Who Are Considered to Be Funny

What makes a person funny? The definition of humor is the tendency to produce amusement or laughter. The term originates from the ancient Greek humoral medicine. The humours were fluids found within the human body that caused sickness and provided a way to relieve pain. A humorous person or situation is one that makes someone laugh or smile. Here are some examples of people who are often deemed to be funny. Here is a list of some of the most popular examples.


A good example of this is a comedy scene where Jennifer Lawrence and Seth Rogen got into a bar fight. Seth remarked that Budapest was a dangerous place. In response, Jennifer sounded offended and pretended that Seth meant to mean the other person. It was a great line of humor. The actors in the film acted out the part of the aggressor in the story and the lines were switched. This is an excellent example of switching character traits.

Another example of a comedian being funny is when a comedian is trying to make a point. In a comedy show, the character tries to entertain the audience by saying or doing something silly. The word can also refer to suspicious or underhanded behavior. The phrase “funny business” is used to describe the criminal activity of a person. A joke that is humorous can make a person think about a situation in a new light.

A good example of an actor being funny is when Jennifer Lawrence and Seth Rogen got into a bar fight. Seth mentioned that Budapest was a dangerous place and Jennifer pretended that he was referring to her. By referencing those items that made them laugh earlier, Seth inserted an in-joke into the conversation. However, it was the actor who actually said these things, not the actor. It is a perfect example of using callbacks to create a memorable comedy moment.

The word funny is a synonym of facetious, which means “funny”. A person who is funny may be trying to make others laugh. It can also be a result of a criminal’s behavior. Those who are funny are generally considered to be fun. It is also a synonym of a word that is not funny. For example, the word “funny” is used to describe a person who tries to make the other person laugh.

A funny person should not be a fake. A person who is not faking is a fraud. A person who is funny is not a real person. A fake person may just be a dummy. It is a way to make someone laugh. If the joke is based on a misunderstanding, it is not funny. In this case, it is a scam. The word is a fraud. In this case, the comedian lied.