Are There Any Benefits to Traveling When it Comes to Spellings?

The life of a traveling nurse is often a great adventure. You get to make great friendships, meet new people, and have an opportunity to work in some of the best environments around. But it’s also a stressful time because there is so much on the line. One wrong move, one poor decision, and you could easily wind up in a position where you’re worrying about whether or not you’ll ever be able to live in peace.


I’ve known many people who love the idea of working overseas but worry about the lifestyle involved. For example, what if you have a serious traveling violation that lands you in jail and you’re unable to travel for seven months? How will you pay for a cell phone bill? What about your child getting back from school and having to adjust to being away from home? How are you going to keep them safe when they’re on the road?

The answer to all of these questions is… traveling without a basketball. While this might seem like a crazy notion, it actually serves a very valuable purpose. When a traveling nurse is faced with a tough decision to travel for one year and continuing to play basketball, the right choice is usually obvious. The one-year break allows a player to put everything out of his mind and really focus on getting himself and his family over the stressful experience of living abroad.

Now, it’s hard to imagine anyone getting away from their families for that long. And even if you were able to pull it off, what would happen to your current basketball skills? If you had a serious traveling violation, would you still be able to play basketball well enough to be taken seriously by colleges? Would your ranking go down? Is that team that you’re on now still up to par with the ones you left behind?

It’s true: traveling affects your game in many ways. In high school, you might spend two or three hours every night driving from practice to your next game. As a professional, you could be putting yourself into serious risks just to get to the next game. Even junior college and state level colleges might be watching your games with interest in how often you travel. And it could have an effect on your ability to spell.

That’s not to say that you should ignore the rules just because you’re travelling. But it’s important to know the circumstances surrounding each occurrence of travelling and understand why they’re occurring. The best way to do that is to talk to an expert in British English spelling. Whether you’re planning to live and play in the U.K., England, Australia or Canada, contact a skilled speller to help get you over the hurdle that can arise when moving from your current residence to a new place. You’ll find that travel may be a factor in the way you learn, but it shouldn’t be a factor in your game.