World’s Best Christmas Cities


World’s Best Christmas Cities

A holiday is an idyllic day set aside in legislation or custom, where most everyday activities, particularly work or school including social work, are either suspended or completely reduced. In general, most holidays are meant to enable people to celebrate or commemorate a significant event or belief of historical or cultural importance. They are also a period of relaxation and rest from the hectic routine of life. Holidays, although a relatively recent concept, have become an integral part of the calendar, with many countries marking important public holidays with major public celebrations.

A holiday celebration is highly popular worldwide and can be traced back as far as the ancient Chinese New Year. This marked the beginning of the lunar calendar and was associated with luck, prosperity and wealth. The Chinese regarded this time as the beginning of the planting or farming seasons, giving rise to food production and the growth of crops. The holiday then symbolised fertility, and the idea that during this time large numbers of people were able to join together and share in the bounty of nature. To mark the festival, people would gather and engage in games, feasting and socialising resulting in much bonding and family fun.

The traditions of England changed somewhat during the Industrial Revolution, when the holiday spirit took hold with the creation of Christmas cards, presents and decorations inspired by medieval celebration. The spirit of the Victorian age can still be seen at Christmas time with so much holly, mistletoe and poinsettias that it seems almost every year there is an Extra Magic Day. As well as great feasts and games, families gather for picnics and outdoor gatherings on the shores of Lake Wintergreen. With the hustle and bustle of the city seemingly never ending, the holiday spirit found its own way to the countryside and remains one of the best known, most enjoyable annual family vacations.

A Christmas tree is essential to any holiday. However, the traditions of this are far more fascinating than simply seeing a beautiful stand of green boughs in the window of your family home. In many countries around the world, Christmas trees are decorated with evergreen boughs, twigs and flowers amongst other seasonal items. Traditionally, before the boughs are removed from their holly branches, children would climb up the tree themselves and sing a song of the Christmas season. The boughs are then exchanged with others and family members alike as a token of goodwill and good will towards each other.

Today, Christmas is a global celebration and many people celebrate it differently around the world. One of the most popular ways of preserving this warm and wonderful tradition is by making holly ornaments and even home accessories using this very special spirit. The holly spirit has been revived in modern times with boughs of holly being given away as gifts to loved ones, which is an even better reason to get out the door in the fresh air and celebrate this fine holiday period.

This Christmas season, if you are looking for a great excuse to get out and about, why not go to one of the world’s best-known Christmas cities, Santa Claus and see how people of all ages enjoy this time of year. Also, don’t miss out on the numerous great attractions located in this area. With three Disney themed parks, a huge Christmas tree to be decorated by your own children and a host of other festive fun facts to be enjoyed, this area really deserves the honour of being the location of one of the most recognised holidays of the year. Why not make it a family favourite holiday for this Christmas season?