What Is Jugi, Tung Tong And A Naga (Gel) Kung Fu?

Gelatin is produced by bacteria living in the tissues of insects and other animals, and it is a compound of glycosylated glucosamine and other polysaccharides. Gelatin is commonly known as animal protein powder. However, this compound has many medical applications, including healing. The healing properties of gelatin proteins have been studied and used by Asian and American researchers for decades.

Before proceeding, we should examine the two concepts governing yin and yang energy in Buddhism: the theory of Yin (when there is no heat, no cold, no stagnation) and Yang (when everything is hot, active and productive). According to this conception, to achieve balance between the two forces, or to maintain the equilibrium, there are six things to consider: fire (yin), water (yang), wood (yang), metal (jirim); iron (meridians and body); wind (sun and moon); vegetables (xinhibers and herbology). We can see from this how to gel hongkong has two aspects: yin and yang.

I first learned about togel hongkong in San Francisco. A friend who was studying there came to know about its benefits. She introduced us to our local bookstore, where we found a small bookshop with only one book, which was the book on Therapeutic & Healing with Therapeutic Heat (THT). This book explained that there are six main factors: yin, yang, head, chi, kimchi, alkalinity, and phlegm.

The book explained that the first five are opposite in nature to each other, but all have to do with the organs. We should know that dengan or yang means the male and female power. Thus, we can say that togel yang is male, pink color is female energy, and denial is male. Therapeutic heat treatment uses the dengan energy to burn away the pain, coldness, and toxins.

To understand this in a better way, we need to understand about the organs. First of all, there is the bone marrow which nourishes the new blood cells and keeps them alive. Then, there is the lung bone marrow, which produces the red blood cells. The heart and lung also nourish us with oxygen and carbon dioxide respectively. Thus, we can say that the liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach, small intestine, and gall bladder are the organs we use to understand about to gel hongkong and related terms.

In short, when we say that it has to do with the lungs, it refers to the function of the lungs. Lungs, chest, and diaphragm, as well as the liver, stomach, small intestine, and gall bladder are the four major functions related to the lung tissues. Therapeutic heat treatment uses the dengan energy to treat these problems. Thus, when we say that it has to do with the spleen, it deals with the spleen or liver function and the related functions such as metabolism, absorption, excretion, and bile secretion.

Now, let us move on to the next part which is the kidney and its related functions. This is the function that we can regulate using the Iniative or Periative process. It is said that the first three months of the baby’s life is the time when the organs are formed, thus, we can say that in this stage, the kidney and other kidney-related organs form. We can see that the first three months of development is the period when the body forms the basic structure of organs and tissues. Therefore, when we say that just to gel or to perform the periative process, we say that it is a therapeutic process that deals with the kidney, especially the ducts, the ureters, as well as the bladder.

Furthermore, the last part of the five elements, chi, is related to the body and also to the organs. Thus, when we say that it has to do with the yin, we are actually referring to the body and its functions such as the skeletal system, the muscular system, the nervous system, the digestive system, as well as the cardiovascular system. Therefore, when we say that it has to do with the yang, we are actually referring to the Yang energy, which are characterized by fire and metal, characterized by water and wood, and characterized by wood and fire, and all other kinds of elements. The main thesis about the five elements is that they are the ones that form the major and essential principles of the universal life force. Finally, we can say that just to gel is one of the main ways of preserving and safeguarding the universal life force, which is very important for the continuity of the present age.