Toto Toilet Bowl Cleaner – Convenience All In One


Toto Toilet Bowl Cleaner – Convenience All In One

“TOTO” means: To Or not to TOTO. Meaning, a slang name for the female genitalia. It’s actually a Japanese phrase. It means “not tonight”. It originated with the director Shimit Amin, who made a movie called “How to Kill a Mocking Bird”.

As the movie goes, Amin is interviewing several women to be on his next movie. One of the female interviewees, a rather voluptuous blonde, declines to participate in the interview. She excuses herself saying that she is in a meeting. Amin then mockingly asks her to take her car to her hotel room and use the toilet. Aoi Urabara, a Japanese inventor who had designed the toto toilet commode back then, came up with this brilliant idea to have a toilet seat attached to the toilet bowl.

The toto toilets have evolved greatly since its humble beginning. There are electric toto toilets now that can switch on and off based on your level of bodily urge. There are some even that will automatically flush the toilet if you decide to use it. And there are other accessories like toilet brushes and toilet seat covers to make the whole experience of using the bathroom more pleasant.

Toto is a well known and reliable brand that will surely please the water cooler crowd and the fashion conscious middle classes as well. It manufactures both conventional and modern toilets. Since it has a wide range of products including conventional, digital, and energy saving toto toilets, it caters to various tastes and budgets.

Most of the toto toilet models nowadays are self-cleaning, but you may opt to manual clean them. If you decide to buy a self-cleaning toilet, you should keep in mind that they tend to accumulate a lot of sludge that cannot be cleaned through the ordinary bowl cleaner. To clean them, you will need to get a toilet bowl cleaner from your local store or from the Internet. In fact, there are many online stores selling toilet bowl cleaners, which is a great help for your quest for cleaning your toilet. You may also hire the services of a plumber to do the job, or you could just install a good quality toilet bowl cleaner on your own. When choosing the right toilet bowl cleaner, you must consider the ease of installation and its price.

Although, most of the Toto toilets are reasonably priced, you can get one of their high end models for as low as $75. The basic models come with a simple, all-in-one design. This will save you from purchasing other toilet accessories such as a bidet or wash cloths separately. However, the simple models may not be as efficient as the more expensive ones. The toto toilet with a digital flush feature will ensure that you have enough time to relieve yourself, thus giving you more comfort and relieving your frustration. The latest models of these toilets have the latest safety features to ensure your safety.

If you have a lot of stains on your toilet paper and walls, you will definitely find the convenience of purchasing this brand of toilet bowl cleaner very helpful. With just one push of a button, you can easily remove the unwanted particles from your bathroom floor and walls. There are many different models of the toto toilet cleaner, and you can easily find one that best suits your needs. You may also purchase it online.

If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, you may want to consider buying the Toto toilet bowl cleaner. They are one of the most recognized brands in the market today. It is easy to find a Toto dealer offering these products, and you can have it installed within a short period of time. All you have to do is to sit back, relax and forget all your worries.