The Importance of Fashion

In today’s world, it is not surprising to find that fashion is a very important aspect of the social, cultural and economic status of people. Fashion can be defined as an attitude, behavior or lifestyle that aims at bringing about a particular kind of social order.

Fashion has been traditionally thought of as an attribute of the Western society at the end of the Middle Ages up to the eighteenth century; however, fashion-inspired behavior was also present in at least some of other civilizations and historical eras, including China (618-906) and Tang Dynasty (805-1185) in Asia. While fashion can be said to be an important part of western society, this is by no means the case in all parts of the world, and in fact, many cultures value more the importance of culture and tradition than the traditional role of fashion. The western world, on the other hand, values style more than any other factor. However, there are still some aspects of fashion, which are considered desirable by some people, even if they cannot fully understand why.

Different cultures have various ways of determining the most fashionable or popular styles among their citizens. Some examples include the British concept of ‘A-line’ that has become an accepted form of fashion for many years now. The ‘curvy’ style is also considered to be extremely fashionable in the west. This term describes the body shape of the individual. The ‘semi-curvy’ style is the next most preferred, followed by the ‘triple A’ shape.

The fashion trend may also be affected by the economic situation. For instance, in times of economic crisis, people tend to go for clothes that are less expensive and therefore do not cost too much. However, in times of good economic climate, people tend to spend more on clothes so that they can look more fashionable and attractive. During the boom period, more people tend to spend on clothes than during the slow times. The trend towards clothing is usually in the direction of purchasing new things instead of wearing the same old ones.

In times of change and revolution, people tend to be more creative in terms of clothing that they buy. Some are even willing to try out unconventional fashion items in order to make a unique and different statement. For instance, during the French Revolution, men tended to wear very short coats with long pants while women would cover their faces with hats in order to hide their faces. This is not considered to be a very modern fashion. In the 19th century, people tend to be more stylish in terms of hairstyle. Men would often wear long hair, whereas women would wear short hair.

There are still many factors that influence the fashion trend in the world today. Therefore, no matter what your age or place in life, it is still possible to find a style in a fashion which will suit you. No matter what you feel comfortable in wearing, you can wear it.