The Art of Being Funny


Not everyone has the same sense of humor. However, there are some people who just seem to have a natural flair for witty comments. These people may be born with a great sense of humor and may also possess a special cognitive ability. Whether you’re funny right out of the gate or develop your skills over time, it’s up to you. Once you find what makes you laugh, it’s all about sharing it with others. Whether you’re a stand-up comic or a serious writer, you’ll find a community in the art of comedy.

Though comedy is largely associated with the modern world, the origins of the genre go way back to the Greeks. In ancient Greece, the term comedy was used to describe both satire and tragedy. Both types of works were meant to disrupt established mental patterns and expectations and depict conflicting systems. Throughout history, both comedy and tragedy have been linked to conflicting systems. In many ways, they represent the tension, danger, and struggle that life brings, but their responses to incongruities differ.

Humor is a complex emotional experience. While puns and pratfalls are funny, gags that go too far can do serious damage. Unlike other forms of expression, the underpinnings of humor are more complex than they are in other emotional states. When you get a bad day, you feel guilty about it, while sharing laughs with your friends, you’ll feel better. This bonding experience strengthens social ties and a sense of belonging.

Interestingly, women prefer the sweet and fair life to men. This is the reason why jokes about calamitous doctor visits, bathroom visits, and heart attacks are mostly aimed at men. However, a woman’s wiggle-toes in frustration are perfectly normal for new mothers. Fortunately, a woman’s sense of humor will come in handy during the difficult first few weeks after childbirth. So if you’re the type who likes to keep herself busy and amused, be sure to be funny!

While there’s no definitive answer as to what makes something funny, this theory is useful for figuring out how we decide what’s funny. One of the ways to do that is to look at some of the best-known jokes. While there are plenty of great examples of funny videos on YouTube, McGraw’s theory has a strong foundation in research on humor. So, if you’re a storyteller, you can experiment with various techniques to come up with some interesting ways to make your stories more funny.

The incongruity resolution theory refers to jokes that use juxtaposed concepts. In both examples, the incongruous interpretations are key to the humor. If a phrase is meant to be humorous but translates to a different meaning for each person, it’s funny. Likewise, music makes us laugh. And if our minds think we’re too busy to notice it, we’re more likely to find it amusing than if we’re thinking we’re too serious.