Lighter Things – How to Use Humor Research to Make Yourself Look Like a Funny Person


Lighter Things – How to Use Humor Research to Make Yourself Look Like a Funny Person

Most persons who are extremely funny usually do not depend on their memory to remember what they observe or find funny; instead, they record their funniest ideas or memories in their memory and later share these with others. In the old days, good comedians carried large notebooks with them to jot down funny ideas or memorable observations and they often kept scrapbooks of news clippings which struck them as most interesting. In their leisure time, most funny people visit libraries to look for more funny material. However, the advantage of using your own memory to recall funny events is that you will easily notice if you have mixed up or if you have merely pulled your ideas from a random source.

A funny person’s life is filled with funny incidents and occurrences. Humorous people experience sad and happy moments alike. For instance, a sad and sarcastic comedian will cry tears of laughter whenever he sees somebody getting hurt or killed. However, if you see a funny person get hurt and kill his own brother simply because he was trying to insult the clown, you will not cry for him but you will most probably be aghast and become very disturbed. The point is that, if you are a funny person, you need to know when to laugh and when to cry.

Studying the lives of funny people helps us learn how to be funny in certain circumstances. Take the example of Richard Nixon. He was funny when making comments about the United States government or other matters, but he became completely insane when he tried to invade China. If you analyze the two men, you will see that one of them enjoyed ridiculous humor and the other was actually mad. Thus, in order to avoid crossing the line, especially when it comes to offending another nation, you should always try to think before you act.

Another good example of when to use humor research is the famous “coon video”. This hilarious video caused a lot of people to stop what they were doing and watch it. The entire humorist was upset with some other funny guy for treating him badly on air. Thus, his incongruity caused a lot of ruckus and controversy.

Incongruity and other types of funny things can also help you increase your humor. For instance, an extremely funny person can make others laugh even harder. In fact, there are some extremely funny people who never ever get a chance to be funny for their whole live because they cannot find any humor in anything or anyone. Such individuals should therefore make efforts to see the world in a different way and keep trying to find ways to make people laugh. For instance, a woman once told me that she could not stand any man who did not have any sense of humor; therefore, she would not consider dating one.

To cap it all, the most important thing I want to tell you today is that you must ensure that you keep trying to see more words with the same meaning in the future episodes of Lighter Things. The first few episodes were great but do not worry, you will soon see more great seasons coming your way. Have fun!