Holidays, Seasonal Shopping and Popular Holiday Deals


Holidays, Seasonal Shopping and Popular Holiday Deals

A holiday is a day reserved by law or custom for which normal daily activities, particularly work or business, particularly school, are either suspended or significantly reduced. In general such holidays are meant to let people celebrate or remember an occasion or tradition of religious or cultural importance. Some holidays are also observed in countries other than the United States as a special social event and are sometimes called Holidays in U.S., while others may be referred to as special occasions or holidays.

Common types of holidays in the United States are Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and Hanukkah, which is the celebration of the Jewish festivals of giving and receiving of gifts. School holidays, such as the Spring Holiday, designated to help students concentrate on their studies, are also popular. Many states in the U.S. observe some type of holiday, mostly for reasons of religious or cultural importance. While not all states observe holiday pay, in some states holiday pay is provided to employees by their employers. In Canada, there are also several holidays observed; however, they are not regularly scheduled.

In most cases, holiday pay is scheduled for public holidays, although some employers may observe paid holidays during the summer months, for instance, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and even Easter. Most employers may observe one day of the year, like Christmas or Hanukkah, and pay employees for it. However, holiday pay is not always paid on the same day each year. In the U.S., many employees believe that this kind of paid holiday absence is not a genuine excuse because employers do not pay for time off. It is true that employers do not usually offer holiday pay; however, most employees actually find this kind of arrangement beneficial because they have a period of time when they can take days off without having to worry about getting paid.

There are several holidays observed in the U.S., including “Thanksgiving”, “Independence Day”, “Christmas”, “oward New Year’s”, “enneann days”,” Presidents’ Day”, “holidays” and “vernacular holidays”. Some examples of common holiday names are “Advent” (in autumn), “Advertising” (in mid-winter), “Books” (in late winter and early spring), “Coffee” (in mid-spring), “chetney cat” (in late summer), “Dogs” (in the springtime), “Fishing” (in autumn) and “George Washington’s Day”. The most popular name for the holiday in the U.S.A. is “Thanksgiving”. Most employers observe thanksgiving; however, in some states, thanksgiving is not an official holiday.

Thanksgiving, turkey and other popular names for national holidays are often associated with popular dishes. For example, thanksgiving dinner may involve ham, turkey or roast. Similarly, national holidays such as “Washington’s Birthday”,” Congressional Day”, “inervitation” and “Thanksgiving Day” are associated with particular days of the year. There are also national religious holidays such as Christmas, thanksgiving and Hanukkah.

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