Different Types of Holidays


Different Types of Holidays

A holiday is typically a day set apart by law or custom, where normal activities, particularly work or school including church, are either suspended or reduced altogether. In general, holidays are meant to allow people to celebrate or commemorate an occasion or tradition of significant cultural or religious meaning. Some countries also have national holidays and public holidays that are observed with great grandeur and fervor every year. In most developed countries, however, holidays are observed as a social ritual wherein people tend to gather together, visit the home and family, exchange gifts, eat traditional food and participate in festive games. These festivals can be a time for sharing feelings and memories, catching up on current news, and perhaps planning for family visits or outings.

In the United States, the majority of Americans observe a common holiday called Christmas. It is considered to be the most celebrated holiday in the world with Christmas cards and presents being sent out to friends and loved ones all over the world on this day. Unlike other holidays, Christmas does not have a centralized government or instituted customs and is not associated with a particular religious denomination. As a result, many non-religious families choose to celebrate Christmas free of obligation because they do not believe in particular institutions or organizations that make religion a part of the holiday. On the other hand, some families may choose to make a donation to a particular charity so that they can send out their children as well as their gifts on this day.

One type of social holiday that is not considered a holiday but rather a workplace holiday is the Bank Holidays. The term “Bank Holiday” refers to a business activity that takes place before or during the banking holidays, which are usually mid-November to early December. All banks in the UK, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland observe one form of this holiday each year. Examples of bank holidays are Christmas bonuses and pay raises. All UK financial institutions offer special offers and deals on these holidays to entice customers to take part in them.

A major international festival held during mid-November and early December is Festive Eves. It is regarded as the World Festival of Arts in Europe. It is characterized by parades, street dances and feasts. Some of the world’s famous composers like Yo-Yo Ma perform at this festival.

Some people may find it difficult to classify holidays because of the fact that there are a lot of holidays that are celebrated all around the world. A holiday may be a religious holiday, or it may celebrate a national holiday. Regardless, people all over the world seem to be celebrating something this festive season. Some countries that have a large number of ethnic minorities include Canada, New Zealand, the United States, Australia and the Philippines.

A holiday may also be considered a public holiday in certain parts of the United Kingdom. The term “public holiday” refers to any public holiday that is not paid and scheduled by the government. There are numerous public holidays every year in the United Kingdom. Some of the most popular public holidays include Armed Forces Day, Good Friday, Christmas, Easter, Pride Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Veterans Day, and Mother’s Day.