Did You Notice the Difference?


Did You Notice the Difference?

It’s a wise decision to take advantage of funny quotations. Funny sayings will make you think, and the truth is you don’t even have to look for them. With a quick search on Google, you can find a whole lot of humorous quotations. However, you have to know what to look for if you want to find the best jokes.

What’s funny depends on the circumstances. And humor is subjective, too. Everyone has a different view of what makes them laugh. So, it all depends on the situation, and if you’re someone who wants to keep the laughter going, here are a few humorous quotes guaranteed to start a giggle, and maybe, just maybe – change some of your life to suit your sense of humor.

First, there is the old standby, the joke about the blind man and the serpent. Yes, it is as funny as that moment you laughed so hard that your hand rose up. When a person is walking by you and they start laughing, this is considered an act of incongruity.

The other form of incongruity is when you’re in the midst of something and somebody else points out a fact or a flaw in your behavior that you hadn’t noticed before. You may be looking for another opportunity to add humor to the conversation, but in this instance, you will find the other person is right. And, because you were distracted by your own incongruity, you will find yourself laughing even harder, thus, giving way to yet another bout of incongruity. And this cycle continues until such time that you have achieved complete incongruity, which is funny, because now you realize you are being driven by humor, not logic.

This is where the difference between incongruity and intent to humor becomes important. When you intentionally humor in a situation that makes you feel foolish or that makes you feel bad, but you don’t intend to make anyone feel bad, then you are, in a sense, making a benign violation of norms. When you do this type of thing in a threatening way, however, or when you use a power position to punish somebody for something they did – whether it is in an offensive or otherwise inappropriate way – then you are committing a norm violation. This means you are violating the norm, which means you are not only committing a crime, but you are also subjecting individuals to a feeling of psychological abuse.

Now that we have determined that the intent to make others laugh is not the same as using humorously, the focus of your next move should be to determine what type of situations and people trigger your sense of humor. If you are like me, you have a good sense of humor, so try to observe other people’s reactions to see if you can locate a funny vein in their behavior. If you observe their reactions and notice that they connect humor with certain events and people, then go and find that person and have some great laughs. If, on the other hand, you observe no connection between humor and specific individuals or events, then it is likely that you are the type of person who just cannot make yourself laugh, even if you are surrounded by people or circumstances that make you laugh.