All About Fashion

The word fashion derives from the French term meaning “fashions”. It is the artistic or aesthetic mode of relating distinctive and vivid particulars of attire by using clothes and accessories as a sign of culture and class. Fashion is an important aesthetic expression in a certain time and place and at a certain context, particularly in clothing, shoes, hairstyles, makeup, body proportions, and accessories. As such, it can affect an individual’s self-image, but also his/her interpersonal interactions. There are many types of fashion, which include the following: classical fashion, popular fashion, casual fashion, exotic fashion, traditional fashion, metropolitan fashion, casual style, celebrity fashion, and other.

Classical fashion is usually associated with the classic outfits of rich and powerful people in the society. However, chic and trendy designer clothes are becoming an essential element of this classic style. Unlike classical style, the trendiest and most fashionable clothes are those of famous designers.

Popular fashion magazines have in the recent times greatly changed the styles of people and their dressing. This change has been brought about by the various world-famous designers who have come out with many attractive and glamorous designs for their clothes. Fashionable clothes of all kinds have become one of the major concerns in modern times, thus a wide variety of fashion styles and brand names can be seen freely on the streets. Some of these popular styles and brands are discussed below.

Casual apparel is those outfits that are normally worn while going to school or some other place of work. These kinds of clothes include jeans, shirts, blouses, trousers, skirts, dresses, and other apparel. Casual apparel is mostly worn in the day; however, in some cases it is also seen in evenings when people wish to look more fashionable.

Formal clothing is considered to be those clothes having formal design and style. Formal clothing includes suits, dresses, tuxedos, and other clothing of the style of the nineteenth century. The main reason for wearing formal attire in the nineteenth century was the opulence felt in such a kind of clothing. Today formal attire is generally worn to a special occasion or in the evening.

Celebrities are the latest people to wear high fashion. Most of the famous designers first became famous because of their famous and incredible style and grace. High fashion is continuing to get more popular day by day as more celebrities are seen in the limelight making use of these styles in their exclusive outfits. There are various high fashion designers who have gained fame for making exclusive and fashionable clothes.