Achieving Funny Jokes And Laughter

Something funny is usually humorous or comical. Comedians earn their living being funny. But when it comes to actually making money being funny, that’s another story. It just seems as if the word funny needs to define something comical or fun.


But in actuality, the theory of the word funny does not have anything to do with the word comedy or humor. For example, I am a huge fan of comedy TV shows. So, when I hear the word comedy and laughter, which typically associate with comedy TV shows, I think of a show like The Daily Show. Jon Stewart is the host, and he is funny and his guests are all funny too. His theories about world affairs, his sense of humor, and the way he jokes with his guests combine to form his show. On any other type of TV comedy, the same theory would not hold true.

The real definition of funny has to do with the sense of humor. If you look at movies, commercials, stand-up comedy shows, or any other form of humor, you will notice that people use different words to describe their enjoyment of a joke. Humor, or having a good time, can be combined with other words to create some very unique definitions. A good example of this is how the word laughter is commonly combined with funny. Laughter is an enjoyable, yet natural part of human communication.

So now we need to figure out what makes us laugh. In order to do this kind of humor research, you need to go watch a variety of different jokes. This will give you the ability to observe other people’s reactions to jokes. This will be the best source of new ideas for you to put in your own routine at home. It will also give you an opportunity to compare and contrast the ways that others laugh to yours.

Another method of humor research is to read funny magazines. Reading humorous materials will not only teach you about humor, but it will give you an opportunity to see what kinds of things other people find funny. You may be surprised by some of the things you see and discover through these magazines.

You may also find humor in everyday situations. Many times you will see people using incongruity as a method of turning a normal situation into a funny experience. Incongruity can come in the form of body language, or simply by being unaware of what is going on around you. In order to further expand your understanding of humor, you should try to get in contact with others that share the same interests and values as you do.