Is There Really Such a Thing As Good Humor?

Have you ever found yourself doing the ‘what if’ exercises when you’re trying to come up with funny things? I did once and can vouch for their effectiveness. Consider using ‘what if’ in your life every single day and you’ll find yourself having far more fun than you ever thought possible. Consider this:


“What if… she was a man?” – George Carlin Women love being told they aren’t as good looking as their favorite guy friend. You might say “what if she was a man” and be met with “that’s just great”. Laughing. Or, “what if she wasn’t attractive at all?” – Brian Fargo

When using humor to bring out someone’s worst feature, it helps to bring out what is beneath the surface. Think about it like this: all of us have been through life trying to figure out who we are. There is always something funny about someone or something that makes us laugh. We have to draw the line between what we consider to be funny and what is truly funny.

The ‘incongruity theory’ helps us find humor in what is truly terrible. It’s the idea that what makes us laugh can be the exact opposite of what is keeping us from finding happiness. For example: Imagine two people who hate each other but enjoy each other’s company.

To test this out, put yourself into situations where you are the butt of a joke and attempt to analyze the difference between how you feel and how your mind registers it. If it’s not funny then you might be experiencing what’s called an incongruity. In an incongruity, the brain doesn’t realize that it isn’t the speaker that is funny but rather the listener. So in a way, your laughter is directed not at the joke, but at the person giving the punch line.

Something else that you will find when testing out whether or not something is funny is the use of the word “adjective.” A word that has an adjective can sound funny if only the adjective is present. For example: Michael Jackson was funny. However, if you say Michael Jackson is funny, then you are using an adjective that includes the word “adjective.” By using “adjective” in place of “comparison,” you can see how your body reacts.

A third popular approach to testing the value of humor in a relationship is to look at its relationship with benign violations of the norm. In a situation where there is significant and blatant sexual harassment, one could argue that jokes are in fact funny. This is because the victims of the harassment would likely find it funny to respond by making the perpetrator laugh. However, if this is not the case, humor may be used as a tool to deflect or escape from uncomfortable feelings. Again, this differs from the perspective that “normal” humor is just the expression of emotion.

The key take-away from all of these methods of discovering if humor is useful is that although for some people it might be, others will find that it is not. It seems that the key to answering the question of if humor is good for you comes down to whether or not you agree with forabosco’s claim that laughter is the best medicine. If you do agree with him, then you can test for yourself the value of humor in your relationship by trying some of these techniques out.

Things To Know About Traveling While Ill


Things To Know About Traveling While Ill

Traveling is the transfer of individuals between different geographic locations. Travel can usually be done by automobile, bike, foot, plane, train, bus, sea or any other mode of transportation, with or without baggage, and is one way or another. The two most common modes of travel are air travel and land travel. Air travel involves taking a plane to arrive at the destination and then using either a private plane or a commercial aircraft to take you to your destination.

Land traveling usually involves using public transportation, such as trains, buses, taxis and car pools. Public transportation in Los Angeles usually involves the use of Metrolines and Dump Trucks. To get around town using public transportation, tourists in Los Angeles should keep in mind the local bus routes. Buses generally ply through the downtown area and the Los Angeles tunnel system. Tourists will find that the airport bus system provides comfortable seating, reliable service, as well as an easy way to get from the airport to various locations throughout the metropolitan area.

As for those who wish to go from point A to point B by airplane, there are a variety of different types of airlines that offer this type of traveling. In order to book a flight, tourists need to be familiar with what sort of flying they want to engage in. There are two types of flying, and both can take any type of plane, including helicopters and airplanes. Of the two options, those who wish to use a private plane for traveling within the city limits should remember that there are strict rules and regulations regarding flying hours, landing and refueling, among other things.

Another important factor in the planning of a trip is the type of advertising policy one will employ when traveling. In many cities, billboards are prohibited on streets that are located below a certain height. However, many cities allow billboard advertising, especially when it comes to local companies who are advertising their products and services.

A final issue to consider is the increased risk of contracting a disease while traveling. In most cases, travelers will be traveling to countries where medical care is not available to the average person. Because these individuals may not have access to adequate healthcare, they become susceptible to infections such as the flu, hepatitis C and HIV. The World Health Organization and the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention have produced guidelines and information pertaining to the prevention of these types of infections while traveling.

Although traveling can present an increased risk for those who are ill or elderly, it does not necessarily mean that they must avoid visiting tourist attractions, eating out, or visiting zoos. Those who are currently traveling to the United States should review the information provided by each travel agency they are using. The websites will typically contain a glossary of frequently asked questions and a list of resources and telephone numbers for more information. It is very important for travelers to follow the guidelines and precautions listed on this website in order to prevent themselves from becoming sick or injured.

What You Can Do on a Holiday in the UK

A holiday is a day set apart by law or custom, where normal daily activities, particularly work or business involving academic study, are either suspended or completely eliminated. In general, vacations are meant to let people enjoy or commemorate an occasion or tradition of greater social or cultural meaning. In most of the developed and developing countries, a holiday marks the end of the carnival, which is celebrated with great pomp and show. Holidays have become a highly commercialized business that makes it difficult to go on a holiday without spending much money. People prefer to go on a holiday during the winter or festive seasons because these are the times when they can get a good bargain on travel packages.


People mark their birthdays, graduation day and other important events in different ways. In countries like India and China, however, most people commemorate significant anniversaries or accomplishments with a public holiday. The main reason behind a public holiday being observed is the fact that it is believed to promote healing and recovery in the body and mind. Holidays are observed in various countries around the world, but each country has its own idea about what a public holiday should include and how it should be announced. In some countries, for example, children are given holidays after their birthdays. This is done so that the children will have time to spend with their parents.

The main reason for public holiday celebrations all over the world is to encourage family bonding. By getting children involved in the holidaying, adults will have less time to engage in commercial business that may lead to distractions. The amount of time away from the office that employees and staff need on Christmas and New Year’s Eve has decreased significantly over the years because of more efficient use of office equipment and better communication among workers. The number of people who report suffering from stress and holiday related injuries has also significantly decreased in recent years.

During Christmas and New Year’s holidays, most countries celebrate it as a national holiday. The traditions that are related to these holidays vary immensely by country. In the United Kingdom, for instance, Christmas is always celebrated with great pomp and pageantry. There are extravagant parties, parades and special fireworks display at various points around the country. Some places will see the celebration goes on for days or weeks while others only hold parades and fireworks for a couple of hours.

Some common traditions associated with British English holidays are Twickenham pudding, Twondon pudding and mulled wine. Twickenham pudding is a traditional pudding made with beef and egg whites, whereas Twondon pudding is an English version of doner kebabs. A doner is an open cut meat dish that is filled with meat and topped with a sauce of sauces and spices. Many Irish people believe that Twickenham pudding is made from pudding eggs. No matter what your preference is when it comes to foods and traditional holiday celebrations, there is no doubt that there will be foods and dishes that you simply cannot get out of your mind.

When it comes to celebrating New Year’s and Christmas in Ireland, you can’t go wrong with Irish coffee, whiskey or Irish beer. It is important to note however that these drinks should be enjoyed within several hours of eating the food or else they will become bland. Another popular traditional Irish food that people enjoy during Irish holidays is colcannon, which is a fish that has been baked in a pan. Once cooked, it is often served along with potatoes, rice and a piece of cheese on top. Irish music, dance and celebration make this holiday the true essence of a holiday.

Understanding The Art Of Funny


Understanding The Art Of Funny

The notion of the “funny guy” is a very funny one. If you were asked to define comedy, you could probably come up with something along the lines of “an incident that makes you laugh and then make you think ‘hilarious’ “. There is a certain type of humor that is known as “clever.” In other words, there is a level of wit that can be funny, when a situation is not as funny as it initially seems upon first glance. For instance, the guy who sells you the beer on the bus who just about drops his pants in front of you, as he is passing by; or the college student who throws his book across the room in laughter as he informs you that the professor is going to get mad.

There have been many attempts made to make humor research, but very little has been accomplished. Most humor derives from an emotional response. The ability to sense and convey emotions is known as emotion and laughter is the best way to tell if someone is having a good or bad day. Laughter is the best indicator of mood and even sleep patterns. But how does one go about studying the art of humor? There are several schools of thought on this topic and some of them might be better suited for your needs than others.

First, one must understand and analyze the things that make people laugh. Many times we observe others’ behavior and laugh at the things that they do, which causes us to feel good. This is the beginning of a fine technique known as observation and understanding.

Another school of thought on funny behavior looks at the incongruity between what is expected and what actually is. For instance, a joke told at a professional level would most likely to have a certain degree of truth and humor. But the truth of a joke cannot always be exposed and so the humor is lost. Thus, the goal would be to expose the incongruities, which results in a funny situation. The laughter then comes about as a natural response rather than as an act of gratification or repulsiveness.

A third school of thought looks at the social aspect of the act of humor. When we watch a funny video or watch an amusing television program, we enjoy the experience and the funny thing is that others do the same. Thus, we have what is known as social contagious. Once we start to laugh at another person’s misfortune or funny predicament, we share this experience with others and in so doing, bring others along with us in the process of sharing.

In conclusion, it appears that there are three main approaches to the study of the art of funny. Some refer to it as the incongruity theory, the observation method, and the sharing approach. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. The approach that you take should depend on your goals of finding funny things to laugh about.

Learn How to Improve Your Traveling Skills


Learn How to Improve Your Traveling Skills

Traveling is very important for growing compassion towards others, building compassion for others, improving sensitivity and self-awareness, building confidence and assertiveness, improving interpersonal relationships, and leading a happy and successful life. The need to travel is not something new; traveling has been the motivation of many seekers throughout history. Early man had to walk or run because his body could not carry too much weight. However, even after being able to move around, he still had to find a way to communicate, work out, fight off hunger and thirst, find shelter, and make his way home each night.

Traveling was seen as a luxury in those days; only the rich and powerful could afford to travel. Thus, travelling became the means of travelling for these people. When the wealthy travelled they used boats to trade with other countries. They also used caravan to traverse the desert. In those times, travelling became a means to complete their education and experience living and other things that were new to them. But now, with the modernity of today’s world, travelling has become a great way of leisure and a great way to discover the world.

Traveling is also a good means of meeting new people and being part of different cultures. This is possible since travelling opens one’s eyes to different cultures, allows one to experience new places, and introduces him to different social and cultural norms. Traveling allows you to discover and experience things that are otherwise unreachable. There is another reason why travelling is an excellent method in fulfilling one’s dreams. Since the drive to travel is very strong, it is easy to motivate oneself to be adventurous and try new places.

A person can begin travelling by choosing from different types of routes. Some of the popular routes for short vacation include: around the city, by foot, bicycle, on a Jeep or on a Motorcycle. If one chooses to go by foot, it is best to walk around the city to get familiar with the streets, its people, culture and traditions. A person who wishes to travel by bicycle has the option of cycling around the city or cycling along the coastal area.

A player receives pointers, instructions and feedback during a game through a pivot foot. The pivot foot is an important tool that allows the player to control the ball. This enables the player to play with more confidence since he knows exactly where the ball is and how to play it. The only disadvantage of this device is that the player cannot control the ball if the ball somehow goes through a part of the pocket where the pivot foot is not placed. If the player has a good shot, the ball will eventually fall into that pocket.

Dribbling is a vital component in the game of basketball. Most players master the art of dribbling the ball using a series of physical actions. When a player dribbles the ball, he should also be able to control the speed at which the ball moves. One must also be able to judge the position of the ball once it is in the air. If a player successfully dribbles the ball using a series of physical actions, he should also be able to execute various techniques in order to execute different strategies during traveling.

Buy a Cheap Holiday in the UK


Buy a Cheap Holiday in the UK

A holiday is essentially a day set apart by tradition or by legislation, in which normal daily activities, particularly work or business involving academic study, are reduced or suspended. In general, public holidays are organized to let people celebrate or mark an occasion or tradition of special social or communal interest. They are observed across the world on different days and at different times. Although the exact date and time for a holiday will differ from place to place, there are certain points that are constant among them. Some important festivals in the UK include Christmas, Easter, St Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Halloween.

All these holidays celebrated have one thing in common and that is that they are dedicated to some or all religious or community symbols or icons. People like to observe these special occasions and holidays with family members, friends and neighbors in their locality or in any part of the country. In fact, many countries around the world also celebrate certain feasts and events on different days of the year. In fact, countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are some of the busiest holidaying destinations in the world. The festive season in these parts of the world is quite extreme and includes a whole new set of exotic public events, traditions, customs and sports.

There is no doubt that people love to spend their vacations with their loved ones and close friends and relatives. This is the reason behind the popularity of holidays. People love to go out and have quality time with their loved ones on the beaches, in parks, in rivers and in other such spots. In fact, it is only with good planning and a little bit of creative thinking that you can make your vacations more memorable and enjoyable.

For instance, if you are looking forward to spend your vacations in Britain, then you can go for a British English public holiday. As the name suggests, a British English public holiday is when the citizens of Britain go for a holiday break to another country like Ireland, Scotland or Jersey. Such holidays are scheduled on every fourth and fifth Monday of the month of March and April. A British English bank holiday is also scheduled on the same day of the week.

There are many advantages of going on such holiday breaks. Firstly, a British English holiday can allow you to get away from it all and spend some quality time with your family, friends or relatives. In addition, a holiday in Britain will enable you to spend some quality time at your home enjoying the British countryside. You will be able to take back some good memories of your visit to Ireland, Scotland or Jersey and then continue your holiday tour of Europe, the United Kingdom or other countries. Moreover, you can even go for surfing, cycling or other outdoor sports during your time away from work or school, or just enjoy your holidays.

Some people may think that such public holidays attract crowds of tourists, but the fact is that there is hardly any crowd during such public holidays. So you can easily plan a cheap holiday break during the official start of the school or university term, or a family break during the summer holiday period or any time of the year. Thus, the best time to book a cheap British English holiday vacation is now!

Did You Notice the Difference?


Did You Notice the Difference?

It’s a wise decision to take advantage of funny quotations. Funny sayings will make you think, and the truth is you don’t even have to look for them. With a quick search on Google, you can find a whole lot of humorous quotations. However, you have to know what to look for if you want to find the best jokes.

What’s funny depends on the circumstances. And humor is subjective, too. Everyone has a different view of what makes them laugh. So, it all depends on the situation, and if you’re someone who wants to keep the laughter going, here are a few humorous quotes guaranteed to start a giggle, and maybe, just maybe – change some of your life to suit your sense of humor.

First, there is the old standby, the joke about the blind man and the serpent. Yes, it is as funny as that moment you laughed so hard that your hand rose up. When a person is walking by you and they start laughing, this is considered an act of incongruity.

The other form of incongruity is when you’re in the midst of something and somebody else points out a fact or a flaw in your behavior that you hadn’t noticed before. You may be looking for another opportunity to add humor to the conversation, but in this instance, you will find the other person is right. And, because you were distracted by your own incongruity, you will find yourself laughing even harder, thus, giving way to yet another bout of incongruity. And this cycle continues until such time that you have achieved complete incongruity, which is funny, because now you realize you are being driven by humor, not logic.

This is where the difference between incongruity and intent to humor becomes important. When you intentionally humor in a situation that makes you feel foolish or that makes you feel bad, but you don’t intend to make anyone feel bad, then you are, in a sense, making a benign violation of norms. When you do this type of thing in a threatening way, however, or when you use a power position to punish somebody for something they did – whether it is in an offensive or otherwise inappropriate way – then you are committing a norm violation. This means you are violating the norm, which means you are not only committing a crime, but you are also subjecting individuals to a feeling of psychological abuse.

Now that we have determined that the intent to make others laugh is not the same as using humorously, the focus of your next move should be to determine what type of situations and people trigger your sense of humor. If you are like me, you have a good sense of humor, so try to observe other people’s reactions to see if you can locate a funny vein in their behavior. If you observe their reactions and notice that they connect humor with certain events and people, then go and find that person and have some great laughs. If, on the other hand, you observe no connection between humor and specific individuals or events, then it is likely that you are the type of person who just cannot make yourself laugh, even if you are surrounded by people or circumstances that make you laugh.

How To Protect Yourself When Traveling Abroad


How To Protect Yourself When Traveling Abroad

Traveling is the act of moving people from one place to another over a distance. Travel can take place by foot, bike, car, train, plane, bus, boat or any other mode of transport and has been one way or multi-point journey. Some forms of travel are for pleasure, some for business and some for education. The most common form of traveling is by road, as that is usually the cheapest and easiest.

As stated before, travel can take place by car, bicycle, plane, train or any other way but is more common to move by road. For those who would like to travel by plane, there are now more cities with terminal buildings where the traveler can just step out of the plane and board the plane. There are also many airports around the world, which offers flights for cheap. Air traveling is very cheap in America and in some European countries. It’s not uncommon to hear plane engines announcing “stop flying to Boston” or “boarding your flight to Bermuda”.

Another problem that arises due to increased risk of traveling is that of increased sickness due to heat wave or cold wave. When traveling, especially during summer season or when the weather is very hot, taking a long car trip just to reach your destination could become a big ordeal. Even if you do decide to take a short car ride instead of driving, you should still take some precautions. When traveling by car, you should plan your route ahead of time so you avoid getting traffic jams. If you are going to drive to Europe or Australia, you should ask a friend or family member to accompany you to reduce the possibility of getting traffic jam.

It is also important to take up some preventative measures when you are traveling outside the country. One way is to get a car insurance policy from an Australian company that is based in the UK. Such companies provide coverage for both passengers and drivers when traveling outside the country. The premiums of these insurance policies are lower than those of ordinary insurance companies in the UK and are quite affordable.

A frequent cause of failure when traveling abroad is communication and language barriers. In America and most European countries, the English language is widely spoken, but it is also a common language for travelers from India, Pakistan and other nearby countries. For this reason, when traveling to Canada, it is a good idea to learn some basic words and phrases in American English as opposed to relying solely on your familiarity with the language of the country you are visiting. Another language barrier to overcome when traveling abroad is in the currency exchange system, as most people who are accustomed to using US dollars when traveling will be shocked at the exchange rates when traveling to other countries.

If you are planning to travel abroad in the near future, you should also consider getting some insurance protection in case something happens to you while traveling. One insurance policy that can help you protect yourself while traveling is referred to as the “revenge travel insurance.” The revenge travel insurance policy can provide coverage for medical and legal expenses incurred due to a loss or damage to yourself or your belongings while traveling. The policy can also provide coverage if you are attacked or injured anywhere within the country you are traveling to.

Holidays in the United Kingdom

A holiday is basically a day set apart by law or custom, where normal everyday activities, particularly work or business involving school are either suspended or completely reduced. In general, holidays are marked by celebrations or markers of some kind, most often religious or cultural in nature. The period of the holiday itself and its purpose are typically of equal importance, but it is also common to have different days designated for different purposes. For example, in the United States, Thanksgiving is a national holiday observed after the end of the Thanksgiving season, while New Year’s Eve is considered the end of the yearly New Year’s celebration.

In today’s culture, however, there is more than just a tradition behind the different holidays. Many families now find themselves creating their own traditions associated with family holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. It can be very easy for families to spend too much time away from each other during the holiday season. A common example of this is the so-called “Fridays at home” tradition, which allows parents to stay home with their children instead of taking them out for the major holiday events. The result is that many children miss out on the many community events and cultural events that they otherwise would have attended. Some families even create a holiday tradition entirely around going away for the holidays; this is usually seen in the form of “vacation” trips that involve relatives spending extended amounts of time away from each other, sometimes for as long as several weeks.

To remedy this, many countries have developed paid holidays. These vacations are essentially paid vacations, but they normally last for a shorter duration. The term “paid vacation” brings to mind images of large families going on week-long vacation trips, but these days, even working adults can take paid holidays to get away from home and relax. Some of the more popular paid holidays offered by many resorts include: golfing holidays, scuba diving holidays, and skiing holidays. All of these vacations offer a unique perspective on the world and allow families to get away from the routine and the demands of daily life for a while.

For those of you who don’t know much about British English, let’s give you a quick introduction. A holiday in Britain means vacation in whatever country you are from. In most cases, a British English holiday will include trips to Scotland and England, and other parts of Europe such as Portugal and Spain. On some British English public holidays, such as St. Valentine’s Day, there are also public holidays in Northern Ireland and Jersey.

Holidays in the United Kingdom tend to fall into two main categories: holidaying family holidays and public holidays. Family holidays refer to visits made by families of all ages to the same tourist destination, while public holidays refer to occasions that are officially sponsored by the government of a particular country. For example, every March, families can go on a British family holiday.

As an aside, it is also possible to take paid holidays in Britain. Although not every employer offers paid holidays, many businesses offer employees (usually the bosses) the opportunity to take paid holidays throughout the year. Usually, workers have to accept these holidays at least a year before they are entitled to them.

Funny Jokes For Every Occasion

The following are some of the most popular ways to tell if a guy is having a good day:


Laughing. Used to reveal surprise or irritation. When I see a man who is extremely funny, I raise my eyes in mock curiosity and then lower them again in mild irritation. My joke is, “So, you found me funny? I hope you didn’t find me extremely funny.”

Humor. One of my all-time favorite forms of humor, and one of the more direct forms of humor, is a simple repetition of a word or a situation. In my case, the subject matter is women, or the ways that women can be funny. (A common theme in women’s life, I must add.) If a guy makes a comment like “You must be a real sweetheart, if I get to kiss a girl, she’ll always kiss me back” – I immediately laugh out loud, with a mixture of irritation and embarrassment.

Quick wit. A quality of most good comedians, which I also have. I don’t know why this is, but whenever someone asks me a question, I can answer in a quick, yet completely accurate manner, without looking at the person who is asking. This is especially true when the person who is asking me a question is male. Not only can I respond quickly, but I can also use funny one-liners and other woody Allen witticisms to respond.

When a guy doesn’t know how to make a witty comment or has a bad case of self-depreciation, his jokes won’t work very well. This is why I love listening to stand up comedy. Watching sitcoms and funny movies, as well as other forms of television entertainment, are excellent ways to relax, relieve stress, and laugh at myself.

If you’re serious about keeping humor at the ready in your everyday life, there is no better place to do it than at home with a good cup of coffee and a good laugh. If you’re not sure where to go for ideas, perhaps you should consider watching Saturday Night Live. The variety and quality of humor they show make it easy to make jokes from your own experiences. Watching a video of Saturday Night Live when you were a small coastal town girl wasn’t much of a big deal to me when I was a young woman living in New York City. Thirty years later, it’s a completely different story, but it’s still a great source of humor.