Funny Jokes For Every Occasion

The following are some of the most popular ways to tell if a guy is having a good day:


Laughing. Used to reveal surprise or irritation. When I see a man who is extremely funny, I raise my eyes in mock curiosity and then lower them again in mild irritation. My joke is, “So, you found me funny? I hope you didn’t find me extremely funny.”

Humor. One of my all-time favorite forms of humor, and one of the more direct forms of humor, is a simple repetition of a word or a situation. In my case, the subject matter is women, or the ways that women can be funny. (A common theme in women’s life, I must add.) If a guy makes a comment like “You must be a real sweetheart, if I get to kiss a girl, she’ll always kiss me back” – I immediately laugh out loud, with a mixture of irritation and embarrassment.

Quick wit. A quality of most good comedians, which I also have. I don’t know why this is, but whenever someone asks me a question, I can answer in a quick, yet completely accurate manner, without looking at the person who is asking. This is especially true when the person who is asking me a question is male. Not only can I respond quickly, but I can also use funny one-liners and other woody Allen witticisms to respond.

When a guy doesn’t know how to make a witty comment or has a bad case of self-depreciation, his jokes won’t work very well. This is why I love listening to stand up comedy. Watching sitcoms and funny movies, as well as other forms of television entertainment, are excellent ways to relax, relieve stress, and laugh at myself.

If you’re serious about keeping humor at the ready in your everyday life, there is no better place to do it than at home with a good cup of coffee and a good laugh. If you’re not sure where to go for ideas, perhaps you should consider watching Saturday Night Live. The variety and quality of humor they show make it easy to make jokes from your own experiences. Watching a video of Saturday Night Live when you were a small coastal town girl wasn’t much of a big deal to me when I was a young woman living in New York City. Thirty years later, it’s a completely different story, but it’s still a great source of humor.

Tips For Traveling Abroad

The advantages of traveling aren’t just a one-off thing: traveling permanently changes you mentally and physically. Without enough money or time, having little time left at the end of the week is not a valid excuse any more. You could take a long road trip for a week and really have an awesome time, but within two weeks, you will be back to normal and need to get to work. So what’s the best way to travel like a pro without breaking the bank?


The secret of traveling like an American is to maximize your daily life. You will spend a lot of time traveling around and will also be exposed to a lot of different cultures, both at home and abroad. Because you’re at constant crossroads between home and abroad, try and find ways to balance your daily life with the extra travel time. This doesn’t mean you have to pack everything and leave early; in fact, it’s important to keep your routine normal and keep things moving smoothly.

In the United States, travelers are at increased risk for severe illness from hepatitis A and C viruses, HIV, Hepatitis B and other viruses. Travellers are also at risk for dehydration, heat stroke and common colds. But by traveling abroad and avoiding common colds and other diseases that commonly affect Americans, travelers can minimize their risks.

When traveling abroad, especially in regions with endemic diseases, travelers should implement a number of strategies to avoid epidemics. For example, healthy travelers should choose locales with public water systems that require a self-quarantine period every morning and night. If the local disinfection center does not provide such a service, travelers should abstain from traveling to that area or stay away from swimming pools that require daily self-quarantines. They should also use local bath facilities instead of public ones, and they should seek advice from experts on how to properly bathe and wash themselves.

Where there are no public swimming pools, travelers should invest in a good body suit that covers all the areas of the body they will be in contact with water. Travelers are advised to use deodorant that is designed to fight odors caused by illness and dehydration. They should carry a first aid kit containing bandages, antibacterial ointment and other supplies that include saline solution and sunblock. And for travelers whose immune systems are lower than normal, they should follow up with vaccinations or consider traveling under travel restrictions. Traveling under travel restrictions can sometimes be more challenging than traveling elsewhere, since some travelers may find it difficult to adjust to new customs.

In short, if you plan on traveling abroad, it’s best to consult with a travel agent before leaving for vacation. Remember that it’s not only about getting from point A to point B; it’s about staying safe while doing so. It’s also about having fun.